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14 June 2022Baking bread – the necessary equipment

Each bakery needs appropriate equipment to ensure the highest quality of its products. How to achieve the perfect structure, colour, and shape of bread with minimal effort? Here are the most common devices for baking bread.
Piece piekarnicze - niezbędny sprzęt i kompleksowe wyposażenie

Baking bread. A handy piece of equipment for bakeries and pastry shops

At the turn of the century, technics of baking bread and its appearance were constantly changing. More modern methods and technological progress allow today to obtain traditional, as aromatic as before, the bread of repeatable quality and extended freshness. However, to enjoy such effects, one needs to put a lot of effort into the production process. The starting point for bakeries and patisseries is the right equipment to help you stay productive, reduce costs and take control of every step of the way. What is worth choosing?

Proofing bread: peelboard

Proofing dough is the basis of all bakery plants, where the production of bread is the most important branch. There are many ways to carry out this process, but not all will be appropriate for large manufacturers. When we want to obtain an excellent grade and at the same time take production to a higher level, we must invest in dedicated equipment, such as peelboard for proofing, fermentation, and freezing. This product is ideally suited to craft production, automatic or industrial lines. What is worth knowing about it?

wypiekanie chleba - taca fermentacyjna

Tearing off pieces of dough that have stuck to the board may adversely affect the course, speed and quality of baking of the bread. Effective baking peelboard should have a characteristic double-sided and rough surface that will prevent sticking. These are the advantages of the proofing tray made of ABS synthetic material with a thickness of 2.0 mm. One side of the peelboard for proofing is suitable for floured products. High resistance to pressure is guaranteed here by a tight, internal mesh, i.e. aluminium honeycomb, which helps to ensure the flatness of the peelboard.

Do you wonder how to fit it into the nature of your production? As a manufacturer, we can design a peelboard for proofing according to the customer’s dimensions and with different variants of corners to choose from rounded (30 degrees), square (90 degrees) and cut (45 degrees). Which other practical equipment for baking bread is worth buying?

All details about our flagship product can be found in: Peelboard for proofing – advantages of the honeycomb structure, and We are starting the production of peelboards for proofing.

Accessories for the bakery

Although one closely observes all the new, impressive solutions which appear on the market, they too often forget to take care of the everyday products they use. And yet it depends on them whether our work will go quickly and bring satisfactory results. So before we move on to the larger and more impressive pieces of equipment, let’s take a moment at the things that started it all: beech rolling pins, sieves, baking mats, and durable, food-safe oven mitts. When baking bread, stainless, wear-resistant, and abrasion-resistant bowls will also be convenient baking equipment for bakeries and patisseries. Necessary equipment is also shovels and poles, used to effortlessly load and unload delicious, perfectly browned rolls or loaves.

For more information about those products read the blog: Accessories for bakeries and confectioneries.

przydatne sprzęty do wypiekania chleba w piecach piekarniczych

Baking bread: sets of forms for bakeries

It has been known for a long time that the type of material used in the production of baking forms has an enormous impact on the course of the entire process and its final results. The most significant thing is the sturdiness of the professional equipment, which does not deform due to high temperature and continuous heating and cooling. It remarkably shortens the baking time. Select products individually adapted to the type of bread and production requirements.

Standard products can be redesigned following the customer’s guidelines. Sometimes either single pressed or bent moulds with non-standard dimensions will be the best for manufacture. Other times whole sets are made of aluminium, stainless steel or AluSteel and equipped with special coatings to prevent sticking.

Do you want to find the most profitable solution? You will learn more about all our possibilities in the post: Pressed baking forms from Magorex.

trendy w piekarnictwie na 2023 rok - zestawy form
Maszyny do piekarni wózek piekarniczy z systemem zamykania pokryw

Simple baking of toasted bread

There are products baked in certain, covered sets of forms. A perfect example is a toasted bread, which should have a precisely defined shape and equal slices of a specific size to be used in an ordinary home toaster. Unfortunately, during the production process, one can encounter many problems: loose lids must be stored and placed on the moulds immediately before baking. To make this process much shorter and slightly effortless, we have developed a distinctive solution that can be used in most bakeries.

Bakery rack with lid-locking system

A rack with an innovative lid closing system is a piece of bakery equipment. As the covers are permanently attached, they do not need to be stored separately or carried around the entire facility. When the lids are open, you can proof the dough on them. Then just close them with a special lever. Staff will avoid common problems such as the lid being accidentally lifted by a loaf that is just starting to rise. It will also be much easier to pull out the discovered sets. To unload the rack, all the covers may be automatically lifted in one go.

Check → Rack with a lid closing system.

sprzęty do wypiekania chleba - wózek piekarniczy z systemem zamykania pokryw
wypiekanie chleba - niezbędne sprzęty do pieców piekarniczych

Cooling and transport racks

Quick cooling of the bread after baking allows it to maintain its high quality for up to several days. How to make the process of taking out and cooling each loaf much easier and more organized? Bakery equipment is functional when it does not take up too much space and can be easily moved. We offer standard bread racks and V models equipped with inclined shelves, which increase the cooling area. On request, we can prepare non-standard dimensions and types of cooling racks.

Our offer includes special trolleys: for bread baskets, bowls, loose materials and heavy sacks with flour.

Are you looking for non-standard and proper bakery equipment for baking bread? Order a catalogue with the best Magorex products and contact our sales office for more information.