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Manufactured by precise folding and welding, Magorex baking forms and sets offer high strength and efficiency. We produce them from four types of materials: aluminium, AluSteel, stainless steel and BlueSteel.

Our customers can choose standard products or have us make a form or set to order. Our offer includes both rectangular baking forms, as well as round baking forms for cakes or oblong baking forms for poppy seed cake.

AluSteel baking forms

Made of carbon steel, covered on both sides with a thin layer of aluminium, pressed baking forms combine the advantages of aluminium and steel. They do not deform as a result of exposure to high temperatures and from continuous heating and cooling during the baking process. They shorten the baking time.

Magorex pressed baking forms have a much greater resistance to high temperatures and longer service life compared to aluminium forms.

Damage resistance

In addition to being temperature resistant, pressed AluSteel baking forms also show increased resistance to damage and corrosion. This is due to an additional layer of aluminium that protects the baking forms on both sides. In the event of damage to the surface coating, the active ingredients of AluSteel spontaneously form a passive, protective anti-corrosion layer.

Made in one piece

Our technology is based on the production of deep drawing forms from a single piece of AluSteel. The baking forms have rounded corners to keep them clean. Baked goods made from pressed forms do not have sharp edges and do not cut the bags into the packaging.

In addition, we equip our forms with a ribbed bottom and sides that strengthen the sides and bottom of baked bread, especially light bread.

Baking forms with non-stick coatings

The non-stick coating is a great saving for any bakery. It has a very low coefficient of friction, thanks to which the dough does not stick to the sheet, allowing lower consumption of oiling products. It is also saving on cleaning sheets and forms.

The resistance to sticking also makes the dough rise better. The crust forms at the right pace, browns evenly and remains crunchy.

Customized form sets.

For large production plants, we offer sets of forms, which are made to order to the size specified by the customer. Baking form sets allow for effective time saving and better optimization of bakery work. Contact our sales advisor to find out all their advantages and choose the solution best suited to your plant.

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