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Among others: confectionery sheets, moulds, bakery and transport trolleys, furniture and tables made of stainless steel, donuts stuffers and fryers, display and transport trays, various accessories. We also offer over 400 moulds and accessories for the production of chocolate pralines.

Baking sheets

It all started with baking sheets. Bakery and confectionery trays are the oldest product in our offer and at the same time the elements that we are constantly improving. Discover our solutions and technologies, including our bestseller – baking trays with upright edges, which will improve the efficiency of work in your plant.

Forms and sets

We press forms and form sets with attention to every detail from one piece of AluSteel. The material ensures their durability and resistance to damage and corrosion. The ribbed bottom strengthens the sides and bottom of the baked bread, and the rounded corners make it easier to keep clean.


We create bakery trolleys for rotary ovens according to the specifics of leading manufacturers. We also carry out individual orders if your bakery uses other solutions. See what we have to offer.

Trays and stands

We know that the right product presentation is important. In our offer, you will find a wide range of solutions that will help you show your products perfectly. For the production of trays and stands we use computerized technology and laser processing, thanks to which we can supply you with exactly the products you need.

Steel furniture

Make sure your bakery or confectionery provides adequate ergonomics and comfort for your employees. In our offer you will find tables, worktops, maintenance-free washbasins and other equipment. But that is not all – contact us and our sales advisors will visit your factory and advise you on the arrangement of furniture to increase the comfort of your work.


Intuitive and easy-to-use devices for bakeries and confectioneries save time, and thus – money. Choose proven equipmentfrom the manufacturer. We provide warranty, service and easy access to spare parts.


See how you can improve the operation of your plant and increase the competitiveness of the offered products. Meet the necessary accessories in every bakery and confectionery.

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