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Every bakery needs the right equipment to stay efficient, reduce costs and maintain the highest quality of its products. We present the necessary equipment for baking ovens.
A synonym for successful holidays is aromatic, delicious gingerbreads, traditional poppy seed cake and bread made based on a proven family recipe. For Christmas Eve cakes and bread, we need not only a reliable recipe but also accessories that will help us meet more orders. What baking equipment for Christmas will be useful in your plant?
The transport of ready-made meals, drinks, dishes, and other necessary accessories cannot do without some improvements. Stainless steel gastronomic racks are the basic pieces of equipment that will increase the productivity of all operations. Where are they used? Which one is worth choosing?
Crispy rolls and aromatic baguettes. The symbol of every self-respecting place is delicious, natural bread. How to take care of its quality? Check out the baking trays for baguette rolls and casseroles, perfect for bakeries, pâtisseries, restaurants, and breakfast rooms.
Bread tray dollies are distinguished by high strength parameters and allow easy manoeuvring on the premises of the plant. The equipment necessary for the correct, safe and effective transport of products occupies an important place in our catalogue. Check the advantages of Magorex transport trolleys.
Designed according to the specifications of the most popular types of furnaces, comfortable to use and completely resistant to corrosion or high temperature. Trolleys for baking ovens are the basis of our offer. Check what they are characterized by.
We do not like to keep in stock products that we put a lot of effort into. Why is it worth buying bakery equipment in an outlet? Check.
Modern systems of taking over dough from proofing boards create great opportunities for all production plants. Why is it worth introducing them? Which peelboard is the best?