The production of doughnuts, éclairs, tubes and tasty cookies with cream can be demanding. How to speed up the stuffing process and introduce time savings with less work? The answer is one of our bestsellers, the automatic doughnut stuffer. Check when it is worth using it.
Large-scale production, or maybe traditional recipes and cooperation with customers at every stage? Although all confectioneries produce tasty, high-quality products, their needs are radically different. See how we work with them to create confectionery trays for each confectionery.
Production, transport, and display of products should be quick and cause no problems. The equipment that will make the work much easier and will look perfect on the site are gastronomic containers. There are one of the handiest accessories for bakeries and confectioneries. See what their applications are and why they owe their popularity.
In a professional plant, perfect hygiene and work comfort are important. Unfortunately, in order to maintain the highest standards and keep the equipment in perfect condition, sometimes you have to resort to specialized measures. See which solutions will be necessary for a clean bakery and confectionery.
Every bakery and confectionery that wants to maintain the highest hygiene standards face the problem of greasy and extremely difficult to remove dirt. Are you wondering how to clean stainless steel appliances faster and more effectively? The answer is a novelty in our offer, the REX-KLAR cleaning agent.
What to do to control the appearance of goods and improve production efficiency? The answer is an automatic cake slicer, which quickly gained recognition in both large plants and smaller bakeries and confectioneries. Check what it is characterized by and how we work on it.
To increase efficiency and maintain control over every stage of bread production, you need adequate supplies. What can be handy? Meet the most valuable appliances, accessories and machines for bakeries from the Magorex collection.
Sezon komunijny zbliża się wielkimi krokami. Większa liczba zamówień wymaga odpowiedniego przygotowania, dlatego już teraz zaopatrz się w sprzęt dla cukierników, który pomoże w produkcji idealnych deserów, ciast i tortów komunijnych.