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Crispy, evenly baked crust and making sure that each baked good will offer the highest quality every time – that’s the daily bread of every baker’s work. Today’s customer is very demanding and has a lot of choices. Consumers come back for quality, and it consists not only of taste, and healthy composition but also the crunchiness of the crust and appearance because we also eat with our eyes. Can you increase the likelihood that your product will be the customer’s favourite by choosing the material from which the mould is made?
Inflation has become one of the most popular words of 2022. At the beginning of 2023, it is still an everyday topic that touches all of us. How does this translate into bread sales? We talk about the condition of the industry with Robert Górka, the founder of Magorex.
Magorex is more than sheets and forms, know-how or production technologies. It’s mostly the people. On a daily basis, we have had the pleasure of working with some employees for the second decade. Today we asked Anna Bugała from the domestic sales department, who has been supplying our ranks for 17 years, about reflections and a look at the industry and the functioning of the company in the post-pandemic world.
The process of automation integration in bakeries is a complex task with many challenges. How can Magorex help in the automation process?
What solutions are useful in the production of frozen pizza? We present baking trays from Magorex.
Even the most perfect forms will retain their properties only if their users show proper care both in terms of operation and cleaning. Some of the rules apply to all plates, but some require special treatment. We present an overview of good practices that will allow you to use bakery and confectionery equipment for many years.
Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with solutions that perfectly fit into the profile of their business. The latest challenge for our team turned out to be designing a modern production line for sandwiches, salads and ready meals. We made it ourselves at the request of one of the clients. What is it characterized by, and what are its advantages? Check.
One of the most popular solutions in Polish bakeries today is the use of aluminized steel moulds and baking sheets. To what do they owe their popularity and what properties do they have? We present the main advantages of AluSteel for the bakery and confectionery industry.