We are constantly looking for new, safe solutions that will be useful in the era of epidemiological threats. The result of these efforts is an intelligent parcel box. It was created at the special request of one of our customers and now is available in the MAGOREX offer. See when it comes in handy and what its benefits are.
Choosing the equipment tailored to your needs is a real art. Do you want to equip your confectionery or bakery with accessories that will last for years? See what you need to know about the moulds, sheets and mould kits of the Magorex collection before making a purchasing decision.
Convenience, safety and quality that does not raise any doubts. At MAGOREX, we do not forget about the unique needs of large and small gastronomy establishments. Do you want your products to be of the highest quality? See which equipment from our collection is worth choosing.
Tasty ice-creams can tempt everyone. Are you looking for equipment for an ice cream parlor, or maybe you want to expand the offer of confectioneries and bakeries with ice specials? Check out the collection of equipment and accessories for Magorex ice cream parlors. We present three essentials that you cannot do without during production.
The wedding season is fast approaching, so now it’s worth getting professional and ergonomic accessories. See what equipment from the Magorex collection is worth investing in to create the perfect wedding cake.
The Magorex range is based on the unique needs of the baking and confectionery industry. Based on the experience and doubts of our partners, we have created a special peelboard for proofing dough. See what makes it stand out and how it can help your plant.
They are indispensable in any well-functioning plant and continue to be popular with Magorex customers. Pressed baking forms are our flagship product. Discover their advantages and check our offer.