Bakery equipmentEquipment for bakeries and confectioneries

Making work easier through automation is our speciality. With modern bakeries and confectioneries in mind, we have created several solutions that facilitate production in both small and larger plants.

Why is it worth using Magorex solutions? Because, as a manufacturer, we can adapt the devices to the individual needs of our customers. We offer a warranty and service, as well as quick access to spare parts.

Automatic doughnuts filler

This is our most popular product. The automatic doughnuts filler significantly speeds up the filling process, introducing significant time savings. It is extremely easy to use and equipped with a sensor that starts the filler automatically when a doughnut is applied.

The doughnuts filler can be freely programmed, specifying the time of feeding the filling, as well as its dose in grams. It has a cylindrical funnel for filling and a clamp with a load that allows you to fill doughnuts or tubes with light filling, e.g. whipped cream.

Manual doughnuts fillers

We also offer manual doughnuts fillers made of stainless steel, equipped with the possibility of regulating the amount of filling served. There are containers and bowl-supported fillers, as well as side fillers.

ręczna nadziewarka do pączków od Magorex

Doughnut fryers

We offer doughnut fryers with electronic temperature control. The fryers have a simple structure and are equipped with two sieves and a clamp. Its advantage is excellent thermal insulation and compliance with CE standards. The doughnut fryers hold 60 pieces. They have a drainer (cover) that opens to the short side.

Chocolate heater

The chocolate heater works in the temperature range from 20 to 60 °C. The device heats the chamber with the GN container (one or two). It works from the bottom and the sides. In this innovative way, the chocolate heats up much faster and more efficiently.

The heater has sensors that inform about the chocolate temperature. The heating unit turns off when the chocolate is heated to the preset temperature.

The device is universally applicable. It can be used to heat chocolate butter, and also to melt products such as frosting and butter.

Trays and forms cleaning tubs

Thermally insulated tubs for cleaning baking sheets and forms are an important element of bakery and confectionery equipment. We offer tubs with an all-inclusive filling with a capacity of 170 litres and a vertical tub with a capacity of 300 litres. We also offer a tray drainer and a special biodegradable agent for cleaning baking sheets and forms used in the food industry.

czysta piekarnia i cukiernia wanna do czyszczenia blach i form Magorex

Universal table top machine for cleaning baking trays

This device is designed for manual bakeries and confectioneries. The machine is ideal for removing flour, grains (e.g. sesame) and small dough residues after baking. The cleaning process is carried out using rotating belts equipped with special brushes that can be selected individually based on their hardness.

The device cleans many types of sheets: flat, baguette, perforated, solid, as well as sheets with a Teflon coating. An efficient cleaning process effectively reduces other costs associated with sheet maintenance. It is very easy to use and maintain. Its capacity is approx. 200 sheets per hour.

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