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For thirty years we have been gaining trust and taking care of bakery and confectionery equipment. With your business in mind, we modernize our plant and introduce new products that will later facilitate your work. We fulfil orders quickly and precisely thanks to the use of modern technologies. The design prepared by the technical department and production is based on digital geometric modelling, using software and devices like CAD, MCAD and 3D CAD SolidWorks systems.

We improve our technology with your work in mind

We know what you need. To match your expectations, we use modern technologies for bakery and confectionery equipment – alphanumeric, laser and CNC machines. It allows us to ensure precision and high-quality products for bakeries and confectioneries. In 2021, we opened new production halls, thanks to which we can easily carry out any, even the most complex, orders for bakery and confectionery equipment.

Magorex solutions
forthe development of your company

Our products are made of aluminum, AluSteel, stainless steel and carbon steel. Each product is covered with silicone and fluoropolymer non-stick coatings. This not only facilitates production, but also saves money.

We value our employees

Magorex has been around for thirty years. We have supplied thousands of small craft bakeries, medium-sized entrepreneurs and large industrial plants. How do we know this? Magorex listens carefully to our customers, and our team perfectly understands the specificity and requirements of the baking and confectionery industry.

Design to fit your individual needs

Our experience in the bakery and confectionery industry enables us to produce what you need in your business. We advise you on which solutions are worthwhile and select the best options. For each order we prepare technological documentation which makes it easier to renew the order even after several years.

Magorex for small and large companies

Each plant has its own needs! Our clients include both large industrial bakeries and smaller craft bakeries. Regardless of the size of the business, each client can count on the full advice of our experienced salespeople. We offer individual solutions for large industrial bakeries that focus on process automation and for smaller plants looking for improvements.

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