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3 June 2022Automatic doughnut stuffer – in which confectionery will it work?

The production of doughnuts, éclairs, tubes and tasty cookies with cream can be demanding. How to speed up the stuffing process and introduce time savings with less work? The answer is one of our bestsellers, the automatic doughnut stuffer. Check when it is worth using it.
Automatyczna nadziewarka do pączków - zalety i zastosowania

Automatic doughnut stuffer. In which confectioneries it will work?

Most customers like sweets filled with light, fluffy cream, pudding, chocolate or delicious fruit marmalade. However, in the case of large plants, which all year round try to expand their range with new confectionery products, manual refilling of the filling is sometimes simply impossible. Sometimes the problem is an insufficient number of employees and limited capacity.

Regardless of whether we run our business and sell goods on-site, or ship them to several other friendly shops, we need special equipment to ensure all steps are completed on time. How to increase productivity, avoid costly filling losses and achieve consistently high product quality? The answer is the automatic doughnut stuffer – the most popular product among our customers. What are its advantages and when is it useful?

Simple and quick filling

The automatic stuffer has been created especially for larger confectioneries, which offer delicious, ingeniously decorated doughnuts in many attractive flavours, but also eclairs, cream tubes or cookies layered with a sweet, fluffy mass. How to use it?

All you need to do is start the device, set the appropriate parameters and select a special tip for filling so that the application runs smoothly and takes much less time. The key element of the equipment is a needle on which we can stuff two doughnuts simultaneously. We have prepared for our clients several types of needles to choose from. Do you want to have full control over the filling process and increase the functionality of the machine? Depending on the nature of the production, you can decide e.g. for a bent needle for precise dosing of the filling, as well as a special model for tubes or croissants.


Automatic stuffer for the production of doughnuts – what other advantages does it have?

Unfortunately, even with a relatively small amount of products, trying to put light, delicate creams, marmalade or pudding mass by hand can cause a lot of problems. It is challenging to measure out exactly the same amount of filling, stick to a tight production schedule and avoid costly wastage. At the same time, it is also necessary to remember the highest standards of hygiene and proper care of your equipment. The automatic doughnut stuffer from Magorex shortens the working time and gives control of raw materials and perfect precision. What other benefits do they have? First of all, they are durable and easy to keep clean. That is why we have made sure that the housing of our machine is made of particularly resistant stainless steel and that all-important parts, such as the pump, can be quickly disassembled and cleaned. What else is worth knowing about it?

The automatic doughnut stuffer consists of a body with a switch and a control panel on which the selected dosing time appears. This way, we can ensure that the dose is the same and that any possible losses are minimal. Another key element is the exceptionally spacious hopper, which can hold up to fourteen litres of filling. Do you often use its lighter or aerated variants? We have prepared a clamp with a load, thanks to which the device is also suitable for more difficult applications.


Maximum protection

The main goal that guided us while working on the automatic doughnut stuffer was the aim to achieve perfect, repeatable results in a really short time and without risk for all members of the team. That is why we have equipped the device with a special safety system that guarantees no errors or unexpected accidents at any stage of stuffing. Thanks to the sensor, it will be impossible to insert your hand or fingers into the place where the machine’s modes are, and the work will continue without further disturbance.

Are you wondering in which confectionery the automatic doughnut stuffer will work? Do you want to know its full possibilities? Contact us.