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Each confectionery should work with reliable, durable machines and devices which improve efficiency and significantly facilitate production processes. We present the necessary tools for confectioners, which absolutely must not be missing in your plant.
Ideas for new solutions always come to us during contact with clients. A bakery trolley with a lid closing system, with which we have just expanded our assortment, makes work much easier for every bakery. Why? Know its advantages.
We have been providing our clients and partners with convenient, modern solutions that fit all the needs of the industry. We serve both large plants and family businesses in Poland and around the World. Today, we present a few of the top reasons to work with Magorex bakery and confectionery equipment. Check.
For thirty years, we have managed to create over two thousand products to facilitate the work of every bakery and confectionery. Where did it all start? About what our company looked like in 1999 we asked Jarosław Mierzwiński, director of the Magorex plant.
The proofing peelboard is the latest baking equipment in the Magorex offer. We used a solution that has gained recognition in many industries. See the advantages of the honeycomb structure and what it is used for.
We put development in the first place. We do not only want to improve our products but also constantly increase the possibilities. That is why this year we have opened two new production halls. What Magorex bakery equipment are they dedicated for? What else are we planning? Check.
In the hot festive season, reliable equipment is more than half the battle.Do you want everything to run smoothly? See our Christmas baking equipment, which will be useful in every bakery and confectionery.
Strong, matching furniture must not are essential for every bakery and confectionary. Are you wondering how to equip your plant to improve your work? See how our shelves, cabinets and bakery shelves make it easy to store products and accessories.
You have several seconds to make a good first impression. Even less time is needed to scare new customers away with inappropriate bread display. To remedy this, at Magorex we have developed several types of elegant display trays. See what makes them stand out and how they were created.
Many bakeries and confectioners are taking steps to modernize and improve the operation of their facilities. What solutions do they choose? Is it worth investing in production automation equipment in the bakery and confectionery industry?