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Many bakeries and confectioners are taking steps to modernize and improve the operation of their facilities. What solutions do they choose? Is it worth investing in production automation equipment in the bakery and confectionery industry?
How to improve the baking process? Our assortment includes many accessories that will facilitate your daily work. Special boxes for proofing, freezing and transport are in the lead. When are they most useful and what types do we offer? Check!
Our mission is to equip each plant with modern bakery equipment, the quality of which is beyond doubt. We make all accessories ourselves in our machine park. We don’t stop trying to meet the current needs of the industry. Check how we work and in which direction we are going today.
Traditional bundt cakes and tasty tarts are delicacies that cannot be missing in any pastry shop. Are you slowly getting ready for the hot holiday season? Do you want to facilitate the work in your plant? Invest in confectionery moulds for baking cakes from Magorex. Choose the quality that pays off.
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Perforated sheets remain at the forefront of Magorex solutions for bakeries and confectioneries for a reason. They guarantee the evenly toasted crust, premium aromatic delicacies and a more efficient production process. Do you want to know more about them? Find out how the perforation of the sheet improves the quality of baking.
We are constantly looking for new, safe solutions that will be useful in the era of epidemiological threats. The result of these efforts is an intelligent parcel box. It was created at the special request of one of our customers and now is available in the MAGOREX offer. See when it comes in handy and what its benefits are.
Choosing the equipment tailored to your needs is a real art. Do you want to equip your confectionery or bakery with accessories that will last for years? See what you need to know about the moulds, sheets and mould kits of the Magorex collection before making a purchasing decision.
Convenience, safety and quality that does not raise any doubts. At MAGOREX, we do not forget about the unique needs of large and small gastronomy establishments. Do you want your products to be of the highest quality? See which equipment from our collection is worth choosing.