What doughnut-making equipment does Magorex offer?

Pączki z cukrem pudrem

Whether you’re a fan of traditional versions or experiment with new flavors, doughnuts are always a hit with customers. That’s why we decided to take a closer look at what doughnut-making equipment Magorex offers that will improve production in any bakery. Find out what modern solutions we have prepared especially for you, so that your doughnuts are always fresh, crispy and full of aromatic filling.

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How to transport baked goods safely?

Wyroby cukiernicze w witrynie

Safe transportation of baked goods is quite a challenge for the confectionery industry. After all, in addition to tasting good, cakes must be characterized by their aesthetic appearance. However, the delicate forms of cakes or cupcakes are easy to violate. So how to transport baked goods so that they do not lose quality or taste? With the needs of our customers in mind, we have prepared a guide on how to properly protect baked goods. Check out Magorex’s solutions.

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More efficiency in your bakery plant? Meet the molds and kits from Magorex


The efficiency of a bakery or confectionary shop is one of the key factors for achieving success in the industry. However, not everyone succeeds — after all, to increase the efficiency of your work, you need to consider different issues, such as the right equipment, qualified personnel or process automation. Wondering, how you can make your business more efficient? In this article, we will present the latest solutions from Magorex that not only increase efficiency but also guarantee higher-quality baked goods. Molds and kits dedicated to professional bakeries and pastry shops are a great addition to a well-run business.

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Magorex products for baking and displaying cakes and pastries

Produkty Magorex do wypieku i ekspozycji tortów oraz ciast

The busy season is fast approaching for confectioners, who are about to start collecting orders for wedding and communion cakes, as well as birthday and anniversary cakes to accompany company summer events. If you are one of them, find out more about our range and stock your confectionery with exceptional products that will support you in your work over the coming months and beyond.

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Proven and durable furniture for bakeries. Invest wisely with Magorex

Sprawdzone i trwałe meble dla piekarni. Inwestuj mądrze z Magorex

Ergonomics – that’s the most important word when we talk about workspace. And when it comes to bakeries and patisseries, the functionality of the space becomes particularly important. Whether we are talking about a large production facility or a small workshop. As the largest manufacturer in Poland and a leading manufacturer in Europe, we know how to help bakeries and confectioners improve work efficiency and ergonomics for their employees. Find out more about our products and capabilities.

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Easter with Magorex in your bakery. Discover our products

Easter is a time when traditional flavours and aromas fill our homes, and bakeries and patisseries are transformed into magical places from which the smells of fresh pastry and sweet baked goods rise. It’s also a time when quality and precision workmanship become key. That’s why at Magorex we focus on providing products that not only meet the highest quality standards, but also add charm and originality to Easter baked goods.

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How to keep bakery equipment clean?

sprzęt gastronomiczny blacha do bułek hamburgerowych

Maintaining the cleanliness of bakery equipment is extremely important, both to ensure food safety and to extend the life of the equipment. A lack of proper care in establishments can lead to the growth of bacteria and mould, which threaten the health of both staff and consumers. Discover our three ways to keep your facility clean.

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Proofing the dough. Make use of modern methods.

Intense aroma, distinctive flavour, golden crust and plump dough. This is what makes baked goods special. To make the baking process as efficient as possible and achieve these results, it is worth considering proofing equipment. Check out our innovative products that will make things easier for your business.

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