How is the Magorex cake slicer made?

maszyna do krojenia ciast i tortów

What to do to control the appearance of goods and improve production efficiency? The answer is an automatic cake slicer, which quickly gained recognition in both large plants and smaller bakeries and confectioneries. Check what it is characterized by and how we work on it.

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Tort komunijny. Sprzęt dla cukierników

Tort komunijny sprzęt dla cukierników

Sezon komunijny zbliża się wielkimi krokami. Większa liczba zamówień wymaga odpowiedniego przygotowania, dlatego już teraz zaopatrz się w sprzęt dla cukierników, który pomoże w produkcji idealnych deserów, ciast i tortów komunijnych.

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Extra possibilities in the production of bakery equipment

Dodatkowe możliwości w produkcji sprzętu piekarniczego

Over the years of our existence, we have introduced over two thousand standard products to the catalogue. However, our possibilities are much greater. We are happy to carry out individual orders and help match the equipment to the specific needs of each plant. That is why we have developed several additional solutions in the production of bakery equipment. When is it worth using them?

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Bakery trolleys – which will work in your bakery?

Wózki piekarnicze – który sprawdzi się w Twojej piekarni

For bakeries and confectioneries that are looking for a way to work even more efficiently and make optimal use of space, we offer a wide range of bakery trolleys of various designs and applications. What solutions have we prepared for our clients and what is worth choosing? Check.

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Baking trays on individual request

blachy wypiekowe na zamówienie

We will produce everything you need in your bakery and confectionery. In addition to a wide range of standard products, we also offer ergonomic baking trays to order, which will make your work even easier. Check what we can offer you.

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Essential tools for confectioners

Niezbędne narzędzia dla cukierników

Each confectionery should work with reliable, durable machines and devices which improve efficiency and significantly facilitate production processes. We present the necessary tools for confectioners, which absolutely must not be missing in your plant.

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Bakery trolley with lid closing system

Wózek piekarniczy z systemem zamykania pokryw

Ideas for new solutions always come to us during contact with clients. A bakery trolley with a lid closing system, with which we have just expanded our assortment, makes work much easier for every bakery. Why? Know its advantages.

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