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9 April 2021Accessories for bakeries and pastry shops

Cutters for cakes, shovels for rolls and bread… The right equipment is half the battle. See what accessories for bakeries and confectioneries should be used so that the work goes quickly, efficiently, and brings excellent results.

Accessories for bakeries and patisseries: cake cutters

What matters most? First of all – safety during production and accessories which are durable, reliable, and tailored to the needs. That is why we focus on ergonomic solutions, thoughtful design, and durable materials. We used our knowledge when designing Magorex’s extensive collection of cookie cutters.

Made of aluminium, cutters remain light, flexible, and resistant to corrosion. At the same time, there is a guarantee that the shape will not be deformed with intensive, long-term use or a lot of pressure. They remain optimally sharp – just enough to obtain the desired shape, thickness, and size of cookies without damaging the surface. Their rounded shape prevents cuts and unpleasant accidents during work.

ranty w kształcie serca magorex

Types of pastry cutters

Cake cutters are most often used in the production of small products. In our assortment you will find other types of them besides the basic strip cutters. We can produce any cutting in standard sizes as well as in any dimensions according to the customer’s request. Among Magorex cake cutters you can also find cake cutters for the pastry: cake cutters for trapezoid strips, cake cutters for French combs, circle cake cutters, cutters for baskets, square cutters. In addition to standard solutions, our assortment also includes shapes like a heart or a cup. The cutters in the shape of a cup or a chalice with the communion wafer are available in two sizes. 

Shovels for rolls and bread

Wicker proofing baskets will allow you to obtain tall, symmetrical bread of the selected shape. Bread sweepers are equally important. What should they be characterized by? First of all, they must absorb water well and be resistant to high temperatures. 

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For trouble-free loading and unloading of loaves, it is a good idea to get a hardwood bread shovel, which will remain strong and will not heat up. For buns, we offer shovels made of stainless steel or aluminium. Another must-have is perfectly shaped, one-piece or two-piece shovel rods. All sizes available in our collection allow high comfort of use.

przydatne sprzęty do wypiekania chleba
akcesoria do piekarni i cukierni łopata do chleba

Accessories for confectionery and ice cream parlour

Details determine the standard of confectionery products. A knife for cutting a sponge cake with three strings and an ergonomic handle allows for maximum precision. The stainless steel spatula will help you easily remove and trim the dough without destroying the pieces’ delicate structure. And when baking, you will appreciate the benefits of adjustable-length baking tray plugs.

In the holiday season, delicious ice cream with extraordinary flavours is the most popular in pastry shops. The elements of equipment that you cannot do without are gastronomy containers. The products stored in them will maintain the proper temperature for longer. Inside the plant, they can be transported by a dedicated trolley with wheels rotating around their axis, which can be blocked if necessary.

In our offer, you can find also ice cream waffle stands which consist of three holes of different diameters. They look aesthetically and improve the process of preparing portions.

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