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29 December 2021Bakery trolley with lid closing system

Ideas for new solutions always come to us during contact with clients. A bakery trolley with a lid closing system, with which we have just expanded our assortment, makes work much easier for every bakery. Why? Know its advantages.
wózek piekarniczy z systemem zamykania pokryw zalety

Better, easier, more effective

During contact with customers, we often receive requests to find a solution that will meet the current needs of many production plants. One of our last challenges was designing modern equipment that would speed up and facilitate work in bakeries. The trolley was created after the signals from the representatives of the baking and confectionery industry. What makes it unique, and how can you use it?

Bakery trolley with lid closing system

The most common type of bread that needs baking with a lid is toasted bread. Unfortunately, the production process can be demanding.

Due to the needs and expectations of the market, it is necessary to maintain, among other things, the appropriate size of each slice and the specific shape of the loaf. Only then can it be used in any traditional home toaster.

Responding to the typical problems encountered by our customers, we made a special trolley with a lid closing system. It is a regular bakery trolley used in baking forms in which the lids are permanently mounted. How does it work, and when is it useful?

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zalety wózka piekarniczego z systemem zamykania pokryw
maszyny do piekarni wózek piekarniczy z systemem zamykania pokryw magorex

Trolley with a lid closing system – what are the advantages?

Until now, all lids had to be moved and placed on the forms sets just before baking. Only then one can put them on a trolley and, of course, take them back to their place at the end of production.

Our solution is compatible with most bakery trolleys. It helps to deal with the problem of loose lids once and for all. Lids are permanently installed – there is no need to store, put away or move them. A special opening and closing mechanism make the service time much shorter. It is also much easier to unload the cart. To do this, one needs to lift the covers using the levers and then remove the exposed sets.

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sprzęty do wypiekania chleba - wózek piekarniczy z systemem zamykania pokryw

Trolley with lid closing system

A bakery trolley with a lid closing system can be used at any stage of production. If the lids are open, the dough can be proofed on them. Then, at the moment of baking, just close them by lifting the lever. There will also be no complications during baking.

One of the most common obstacles that our customers face is the question of lifting the lid by the bread as it rises. Since from now on it can be mounted on a special mechanism, this situation will not happen again.

Attention! Remember that baking must always be done with the lid closed.

Are you looking for individual solutions for your plant? Contact our sales office for more details and adapt your bakery and confectionery to your needs.