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5 May 2021Pressed baking forms from Magorex

They are indispensable in any well-functioning plant and continue to be popular with Magorex customers. Pressed baking forms are our flagship product. Discover their advantages and check our offer.

Assortment adjusted to the client

The Magorex offer could not lack specialist accessories that will facilitate work, prove themselves in every situation and allow to achieve satisfactory, repeatable results at the highest level. You can get evenly baked bread with maximum efficiency thanks to our pressed baking forms. Of course, we create the copies you need to speed up and optimize your processes. Sometimes the best solution is ergonomic, functional sets of forms, which can be adapted to the character of the bakery trolley and can be equipped with a lid at the customer’s request. Otherwise, molds with non-standard shapes or non-standard dimensions, made of aluminum, stainless steel, or AluSteel, will meet the expectations. We tell how they are made and what their advantages are.


sprzęt gastronomiczny wypiekowe formy tłoczone

Non-stick coating

Sticking pieces to the sheet is a nightmare. It lowers the quality of baked goods, generates additional costs related to greasing and cleaning the accessories, and harms the comfort of use. Pressed baking molds for tasks with a non-stick coating will come in handy in this uneven roller. They are easy to care for, have a very low friction coefficient and high abrasion resistance. The crust forms at the right speed and retains crunchiness, and the dough itself grows better and does not stick to the bottom or sides.

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Pressed baking forms – durable and reliable

Equipment for bakeries and confectioneries is an investment for years. We choose those that will retain excellent durability and impeccable condition for as long as possible. The decisive factor, in this case, is not only the highly durable materials but also the reliable design and handy construction. Pressed AluSteel baking molds are deep-drawn from a single piece of material. What distinguishes them?

  • Rounded corners to help keep it clean and won’t cut through packing pouches.
  • Resistance to deformation as a result of exposure to high temperatures, as well as continuous heating and cooling during the baking process.
  • Notching, which strengthens the sides and bottom of the bread, especially light.
  • Corrosion protection is provided by the aluminum layer on both sides. In the event of damage to the surface coating, the active ingredients of AluSteel spontaneously form a passive protective anti-corrosion layer.

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testy odpieku w Magorex zestawy form z powłoką non stick zalety

Pressed baking forms from Magorex. Additional benefits

Specialized equipment should, above all, meet hygiene and safety requirements. The primary criterion is food contact approval. We have also taken care of this with Magorex pressed baking molds. What else matters? First of all, the possibility of long-term and trouble-free cleaning. A well-thought-out design and appropriate materials make the care extremely simple and intuitive, and dirt does not accumulate in strategic places of the form.

Moulding Center Magorex

Development is our top priority. We are constantly expanding and modernizing our machine park to increase efficiency, accelerate order fulfillment, and reduce costs. To meet the expectations of customers, the Moulding Center for Molds is being created, devoted exclusively to pressed baking molds from Magorex. Soon you will be able to assess the results of our efforts with your own eyes.

Innowacje w produkcji sprzętu piekarniczego w Magorex

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