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18 May 2021We are starting the production of peelboards

The Magorex range is based on the unique needs of the baking and confectionery industry. Based on the experience and doubts of our partners, we have created a special peelboard for proofing dough. See what makes it stand out and how it can help your plant.
wypiekanie chleba - peelboard
wypiekanie chleba - taca fermentacyjna

Easier, better, more convenient

Preparing the dough is a process that we know very well from tradition. Of course, the delicate art of baking bread has undergone a metamorphosis, and the flat, firm pancakes have been replaced over the years by aromatic, shapely loaves.

It all started with the timid observation that the bites left for some time begin to grow and increase their volume but are also incomparably more delicious and plump after baking. Currently, we know a lot about the methods and technologies of making bread. We understand the importance of the right temperature and humidity, and we also have a range of excellent appliances and accessories. Each of them has one major task. Baking bread should be easier, more effective, and without surprises. That is how the history of the latest Magorex proposal begins.

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Baking bread – existing solutions

Every baker knows inside out the problem of sticking to a caste or board. Then we observe a domino effect. The gradual detachment of the billets harms the course, pace, and economy of production processes, and the quality of baked goods drops drastically. Even if we use special, separate washers, in order not to disturb the delicate structure of the pieces, we struggle with some consequences – we have to move and correct them. To meet this goal, we have included a peelboard for proofing bread in our range. Find out what the possibilities are and what exactly are its advantage.

plon nowości wrocław piekarnia paweł dudała rozmowa

Peelboard for proofing bread – what are its advantages?

We want our clients’ work to be as simple as possible. Therefore, some time ago, MAGOREX’s ambition became to create a solution that would deal with the obstacles and complications for good. Now that the production of the peelboard for proofing bread is in full swing, we can gather its basic functionalities in one place. What are its advantages?

  • ABS synthetic material prevents the billets from sticking.
  • The products are of repeatable, excellent quality.
  • The optimally rough surface makes it easier to keep clean, and during washing, you won’t find stubborn and unused pieces of dough.
  • We can create more amount of dough at one time and have them at will.

What else deserves attention? First of all, thanks to the well-thought-out design, you can easily integrate the peelboard into automated production systems. Its surface is double-sided, so you also choose the type of corners – rounded (30 degrees), square (90 degrees), or cut (45 degrees). The welded aluminum frame and the tight inner screen, also known as the aluminum honeycomb, guarantee that the tray remains rigid, perfectly flat, and resistant to scratches, loads, dents, or mechanical damage.

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peelboard do garowania chleba dla piekarni

Peelboard for proofing – a tailor-made solution

Ergonomic, multi-purpose, functional. Magorex peelboards allow for proofing several types of products with any weight. How to use them? The smooth surface is dedicated to products sprinkled with flour. Pieces of dough should not stick to the tray? All you need to do is turn it over to the other side for your work to go quickly and bring great results. The bread proofing peelboard will remain clean, and the maintenance will not cause you any trouble. Tough marks and deformations of all kinds after washing in washers are officially a thing of the past!

Do you want to see for yourself what else it can do? We are pleased to announce that we have created a new production line devoted exclusively to this product.

Contact our sales representatives for more details. And if you are looking for reliable equipment, ideally suited to your expectations, order the Magorex catalogue.