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17 November 2020How do we create Magorex products?

We have been creating products for the bakery and confectionery industry for almost 30 years. Based on our experience, we prepare the highest quality equipment that meets the needs of the industry. See how and where our products are made.

Consultation with the client

We start work on our equipment with a consultation with the customer and a detailed discussion of the order. It happens that a customer needs bakery and confectionery products of a specific shape, specific perforation or other sizes. Since all products from our offer are manufactured in our plant, we can meet the customer’s expectations and create individual equipment for him. At the beginning of cooperation, our sales advisors thoroughly examine the client’s needs and, if necessary, advise solutions that will work best.

Preparing the project

In the case of individual solutions for customers, the next step is to design equipment for a bakery or confectionery. The work of our technical department and production is based on digital geometric modelling, using software and devices working in CAD, MCAD and 3D CAD SolidWorks systems. We develop technological documentation for each custom-made product, which makes it easier to repeat the order even after several years.

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Modern machinery park

All items from our offer are made by ourselves in our modern machine park. Some of our products require very precise work and appropriate equipment that allows us to maintain maximum efficiency. For our production, we have invested in turret punching machines of the prestigious TRUMPF brand.

We use our modern machines for, among others, punching holes. We often need maximum precision. The tiniest of holes are only 1.8 mm in diameter. It is thanks to the modern machine park that we can punch up to 60 holes with one hit.

We check the quality of products

Each of the manufactured products undergoes quality control to ensure our customers durability and reliability for years. Just like our customers, we have strict standards for food industry products. Our assortment includes products made of various materials. These are:

  • aluminium,
  • stainless steel,
  • BlueSteel,
  • AluSteel,
  • Non-Stick coating.

We have a separate PZH hygienic certificate for each of these materials which we regularly renew.

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