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17 September 2019How we increased performance by several hundred percent? Innovative solutions at Magorex

Every product in our offer is made in our machine park. Some of them require very precise work and modern equipment that will ensure our production maximum efficiency. That’s why we invested in CNC punching machines of the prestigious TRUMPF brand about three years ago.

Reliability is the basis of production

The Trumpf brand is the top shelf on the punching market. The most important criterion we set for ourselves while purchasing it was its reliability. We did the research for a long time and it turned out that no other device could withstand such a load. Another advantage is the round the clock service and regular technical inspections that allow us to prevent breakdowns and related unwanted production downtime.

Higher productivity by several hundred per cents

Before we introduced punching machines to our factory, we used another machine, which, however, compared to new devices, maintained a speed of about 30%. Previously, we used old stamping presses that required distance setting and human service. The operator had to manually insert and rearrange the mat. At that time, we achieved approx. 5% of current performance. With three such machines in the plant, the performance compared to the capabilities of the pressing presses is, therefore, several hundred times higher.

We use machines to cut holes, which are often very small. The smallest has a diameter of only 1.8 mm. We can cut up to 60 holes in one hit. Such an effect would not be possible at all with the use of other technologies, such as a laser.

Greater safety for our employees

The service itself is not complicated, minimal technical knowledge and calliper service are required. The entire program is prepared by technologists in the design department and sent directly to the machine. The employee then receives an information card with the program number that must be loaded onto the device. After loading the program, the employee receives a set of tools that must be mounted on specific sockets.

Ladies are also great with these tasks because it does not involve carrying heavy loads. If there is a need to transfer larger formats, then the punching machine is operated by men. Thanks to CNC technology and the reduction of human tasks, we are able to provide our employees with greater safety and comfort during work.

Modern soundproofing system

One of the disadvantages of our punching machines is noise. Therefore, for the needs of residents, we have installed a soundproofing system. We make special measurements that also take place at night in nearby houses. Measurements are made by inspectors from Environmental Protection in Zielona Góra. They show that the noise generated by our machines does not exceed, and is even significantly below the required standards.