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9 November 2020Safe company – Magorex solutions

Since March, we have been struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced everyone to limit leaving home and increase care for hygiene. The sanitary regime confronted companies with the challenge of ensuring maximum safety for their employees and customers. Thanks to our solutions, it is possible. Get to know Magorex products that make it easy to ensure security.

Dispenser for hand disinfection

Meeting the needs of our customers and our own, we decided to create a design for a dispenser for hand disinfection. The work on this product was intense – we tested several different solutions and finally managed to construct the highest quality equipment.

The hand disinfection dispenser we have created is a universal solution for every plant. It’s reliable, high-strength equipment. The pump inside the dispenser is suitable for both pumping soap and a special liquid for disinfection. Regardless of the viscosity of the liquid, our hand sanitizer will be able to handle anyone and everyone.

The disinfection dispenser is supplied as a wall-mounting device or in a version with a stand. It does not require additional assembly and ensures full mobility.

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Device for disinfecting carts

The only such product on the Polish market – a device for disinfecting shopping carts, was created at the request of our partner. It is a solution that puts the safety of customers first and provides them with the comfort of shopping.

The disinfection device is intuitive to use and of high quality. Even without reading the instructions, the user can use the device. It is enough to introduce the trolley into the device, press the button and wait two seconds. The huge advantage of the device for disinfecting carts is its compact size and mobility. The device for disinfection is battery-powered. It is enough to charge it at night and it can work all day.

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The safe company thanks to Magorex

Take care of safety in your facility, store or clinic. Thanks to Magorex solutions, you can easily provide your employees and clients with easy access to personal hygiene products.

Are you looking for individual solutions for your company? Contact our sales office and adjust your plant to your needs.