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19 November 2020Equipment for industrial bakeries

A bakery’s needs vary depending on its size and the type of plant. How do we cooperate with industrial bakeries, and what can we offer them?

Industrial bakeries

We serve two types of bakeries – the large industrial ones and the smaller ones, the craft ones. Different types of bread and confectionery products are produced, and their needs are radically different. Industrial bakeries can bake up to 200 tons of bread daily. Often the production process is automated, and products are made in large halls.

Industrial bakeries are characterized by the production of types and types of bread and industrial bread. The extensive product catalogue does not change often, and the assortment is rather constant. Thanks to this, it is easy to refine and improve the production system, as well as select the bakery equipment that will suit the needs of the plant. Mention that in the case of the bakery industry, a wide range of production, continuous care for payment Value of memories, appliances and sheet metal.

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How do we cooperate with industrial bakeries?

As a manufacturer, we examine the needs of our client – the degree of advancement of its production and baked products. It is essential when determining the equipment which the bakery will need and in what quantity. For large, industrial bakeries, we often prepare dedicated solutions that are compatible with the dimensions of the ovens or production inputs. At the request of our client, we also adjust the concentrations, forms and equipment to his needs. To facilitate a way to optimize work and reduce unnecessary expenses.

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Solutions for industrial bakeries

Our offer includes over two thousand products that will work well in small and small plants. With mass production, practical sheets obtained from our catalogue, which will facilitate and accelerate the work of the studio.

Baking sets

Pressed baking forms are our bestseller. Methods of precise bending and welding are manufactured. The baking forms are made of one piece of material – the lack of joints ensures easier keeping the forms clean. It is heavy-duty equipment, resist high temperature and corrosion resistance. Our customers can choose products or versions or us to make a form or a set to order.

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Bakery and transport trolleys

When choosing plants, it is essential to improve work. Bakery trolleys and transport trolleys certainly help in functioning. Magorex bakery brands can safely handle models of ovens of the most popular companies. We both offer a standard offer and realize individual orders for each client.

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