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22 January 2020Quality control at Magorex – learn our principles

Being a market leader in products dedicated to bakeries and confectioneries, we cannot neglect the extremely important aspect of our activity which is quality control. We test the quality of our products every day, and its high level is confirmed by PZH certificates. See how we provide our clients with strength and reliability for years.

Quality in the food industry

Although we mainly manufacture sheets, formsand devices, we are subject to strict standards for products in the food industry as Magorex products are created for bakeries, pastry shops and home kitchens, where they have direct contact with food. They must therefore guarantee safety, especially under the influence of high temperatures, to which they are exposed regularly.

Safety for the natural environment

In addition to user safety, we also want to guarantee our customers products that are environmentally friendly. Realizing both of these goals, we make sure that each of our products has the Certificate of the National Institute of Health, which is currently the most recognizable and popular certificate of this type.

PZH hygiene certificates

Why are we applying for a certificate issued by the PZH? Because it assumes the application of strict norms and standards that allow us to maintain the high quality of Magorex products. From January 2016, this document is mandatory only for entities producing products for contact with drinking water. Despite this, we apply for it voluntarily to maintain the high standard of production. The PZH certificate is one of our distinguishing features of quality and safety. It is also an important factor increasing the competitiveness of our products on the market.

The Magorex range includes products made of various materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Bluesteel
  • AluSteel
  • Non-stick coating
  • Trolley covers

We have a separate PZH hygiene certificate for each of these materials and we regularly renew each of them. All our certificates are in the gallery below.

Our Quality Control Specialist

Agnieszka Kuriata – Quality Control Specialist at Magorex is responsible for monitoring quality and keeping care over the validity of approvals. What does it think about the level of our products?

I believe that the quality of products at Magorex is at a very high level. This is evidenced by a small number of complaints in relation to the number of products that leave our factory. And we produce a really large amount of assortment with a huge variety and in a very short time.
Agnieszka Kuriata
Magorex Quality Control Specialist

If you have questions about the quality of Magorex products, please contact us – we will gladly answer all of them.