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12 August 2020Individual orders for the bakery and confectionery industry

The equipment in your plant should be adapted to the products being manufactured. It happens that catalogues often lack equipment that would perfectly fit the profile of your company. As a manufacturer of equipment for bakeries and confectioneries, we know and understand the needs of our industry and adapt our production to our customers. See the individual possibilities we offer our customers.

We orientate our work mainly to the needs and requirements of our customers. That is why we have been operating on the market for over twenty-five years, successfully meeting the needs of bakeries and confectioneries. For a quarter of a century, we have been gaining experience in our branch, thanks to which we have been able to maintain a high level of production of aluminium, aluminized steel AluSteel, stainless steel or carbon steel.

Our adventure began with a tray that we produced at the request of a German customer. This is how our story began, and we continue it today. One product suddenly became more than two thousand standard products that we have on our offer. These include mainly trays, moulds, bakery, transport racks and stainless steel furniture. Our offer is based on the great demand of the bakery and confectionery industry and the willingness to constantly look for new solutions.

We focus on modern solutions

The Magorex technology park is one of the most modern plants in Poland. Thanks to the modern solutions we can produce everything your bakery and confectionery needs. Investment in technology has enabled us to speed up our production – our products are made much faster and more efficiently. For production we use modern technologies, including alphanumeric, laser and CNC machines. The work on products is based on digital geometric modelling using software and equipment working in CAD, MCAD and 3D SolidWorks CAD systems.

Our factory does not only consist of machines but above all of the experienced employees who know what you need every day in your factory. Our team knows the bakery and confectionery industry inside out and can offer you individual solutions that will enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

Individual orders for bakeries and confectioneries

We offer over 2,000 standard products, but our possibilities are much wider. As a manufacturer of equipment for bakeries and confectioneries, we can adapt solutions to the specific needs of each individual business. Our customers can adapt the dimensions of the products, the material from which they are made and details such as edge angle, perforation or the use of additional non-stick coatings to their needs.

But that is not all – we are also experts for unusual orders. We listen to the needs and create solutions that make everyday life easier for our customers. We realise individual orders and are happy to support our customers’ ideas. For each product, a technology card is developed on request, which makes it easier to repeat the order even after several years. One of the possibilities for individual orders for bakeries and confectioneries is also the possibility of marking products with a laser.

Examples of non-standard projects that we have implemented for customers include a device for disinfecting shopping trolleys and a hand dispenser. Among the products made to order you can choose sheets reinforced with a stainless steel bar, edges with incisions to facilitate portioning, or racks in a size tailored to your plant.

Are you looking for individual solutions for your bakery or confectionery? Contact our sales office and adjust your plant to your needs.