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8 April 2020Magorex for small bakeries and large production plants

We serve confectioneries and bakeries in Poland and all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether our client is a large plant or a small family business: we can help everyone improve products and services. See how we do it.

Big versus small

Cooperation with large networks is definitely different from the tasks we perform for smaller businesses. In mass production, it is important to provide the customer with solutions that will allow him to fulfill the orders contained in the product catalogue. The assortment doesn’t change that often, and a wide range of production requires constant care for the quality of equipment and sheet metal. We often prepare dedicated solutions for such clients that are compatible with the dimensions of the ovens or production. We adjust sheets, forms and equipment for the needs of the plant so as to optimize work and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Small businesses usually have more flexibility. This means that they are more eager to look for new solutions that will allow them to increase the competitiveness of their own company. We like such challenges and we willingly undertake them. Together with the client, we discuss production possibilities, possible improvements, as well as costs that will allow the calculation of the planned return on investment.

Implementation of individual orders

Our offer includes over 2,000 standard products, but our capabilities go far beyond this range. As a production company, we are able to adapt solutions to the specific needs of each bakery or pastry shop. This applies to both the dimensions of the products, the materials from which they are made, as well as such details as the angle of the edge, perforation or the use of additional coatings.

This is not all. We also realize very unusual orders for our clients. We listen to their needs and create solutions that will facilitate their daily functioning. An example of such an implementation is our popular stroller with a lifting function.

There are more unusual orders on our account. Our representative Jakub Panek tells about another of them:

Be innovative, be competitive

Development and competitiveness are the main reasons why we urge our clients to invest in innovation. Regardless of whether they run small or mass production. This does not mean having to come up with new solutions. We have implemented many innovative products into our production on a permanent basis, facilitating work and optimizing the costs of cooperating bakeries.

We inform our customers about each new production first, offering them the opportunity to test each solution before they decide to buy them and introduce them permanently.

Our innovative solutions allow us to enrich the product offer, but also enable the better organization of work, reduction of costs and increase of teamwork efficiency.

Advice and support at every stage

However, products are not everything. Each customer can count on the full advice of our experienced traders. Large plants wanting to optimize production can count on an offer tailored to their needs. Our representatives visit the plant, take measurements, talk to employees, and then present solutions that will allow better use of space in the furnace or optimize internal or external transport.

We offer similar support to small plants where the use of space is extremely important. We can help at the stage of establishing a bakery or confectionery. We advise how to furnish a plant so that it is ergonomic and comfortable to move around. We suggest solutions that will allow you to implement the offer and develop it.

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