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15 April 2020Bakery and confectionery tables

Behind the success of every bakery and pastry shop is the experience of its employees. In order to ensure them comfort while working, it is necessary to provide them with ergonomic solutions. For this purpose we have created a line of bakery and confectionery tables.

Work tables tailored to your needs

MAGOREX bakery and confectionery tables are professional stands that ensure high comfort of work. The use of stainless steel makes them resistant to corrosion, moisture and chemicals. They are easy to care for and clean.

We have developed dozens of models that we make to the customer’s order. Each table is tailored to the needs of your plant. Bearing in mind the diversity of production lines in confectioneries and bakeries, we have designed central tables and wall tables in various configurations of drawers and shelves. Each model is available with a manually or electrically lifted top.

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Bakery and confectionery tables: central tables

We offer central single or double work tables in the following variants:

  • Central tables without a shelf – a classic design with bottom bars ensuring stability of the base.
  • Central tables with a shelf – on the lower level there is an openwork tube shelf or a full shelf.

Central tables can be equipped with wheels with brakes, thanks to which it is possible to move them freely and adapt to the organization of the plant’s work. The offer also includes a central table with a steel base and a stone top.

Bakery and confectionery tables: wall tables

Single or double wall tables are made in the following versions:

  • Wall tables without a shelf – the table base is equipped with crossbars.
  • Wall tables with shelves – the table base can have one or two openwork tubular shelves, openwork with C-profiles or full.
  • Wall tables with drawers – the table can have one or three drawers on the left or right side. If you choose a table with one drawer, you can also choose the bottom shelf.

Each wall table has a high edge, which also allows you to maintain hygiene of the workplace. You can also choose a version equipped with wheels with brakes.

In addition to stainless models, we have also prepared wall tables with beech tops. In this case, the base can be equipped with an openwork tube, openwork channel or full shelf. The wooden table top is impregnated and protected against moisture.

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Professional work tables made to order

MAGOREX bakery and confectionery tables are high-quality stainless steel constructions available with steel, beech or stone tops. As a manufacturer, we are able to make tables strictly tailored to the needs of your plant. We develop technological documentation for each product made to order, which allows it to be re-made even after several years. Are you looking for high-quality equipment? Contact us!