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5 December 2019Confectionery solutions – discover our offer

We have been supplying bakeries with durable baking trays, forms and trays for baking display for over 20 years. However, our offer also includes solutions dedicated to confectioneries. Check how we can facilitate your plant’s work and support you in expanding your baking offer.

Closed confectionery sheets

This is our flagship product that effectively saves time. These sheets can be used for baking, decorating, transporting to stores, and then selling – without having to transfer cakes to other trays. It’s a convenience that pays off. On request, we also make closed confectionery casings to gain additional aesthetic finish and protection.

Forms for sponge cakes and tarts

We are able to make any shape thanks to the modern machine park. We offer our clients a variety of baking forms, including standard and Viennese cakes, sponge cakes and tarts. All available in various sizes and with a Non-Stick coating in several colours. Sponge cake forms have been additionally equipped with a removable bottom to make baking even easier.

Puff pastry tubes

Traditional cream tubes are one of the favourite sweets in Poland. They will certainly be happy to come back to your bakery for more. Our offer includes puff pastry tubes of various sizes and shapes – from standard, round to conical ones. They make the production of tubes with cream extremely efficient.

Donut fryers and stuffers

There’s still some time until Fat Thursday, however, every confectioner knows that now is the time to take care of the right equipment for mass production of donuts. With this intense period in mind, we have developed fryers and stuffers that can handle the greatest production load. Our offer includes donut fryers with electronic temperature control, thermal insulation and two sieves included. Automatic donut fillers equipped with a proximity sensor offer significant time savings. After applying the donut, the device starts automatically. The stuffer also has a simple regulation of filling time and electronic control.

ranty w kształcie serca magorex

Heart-shaped forms

However, before you start producing donuts, remember about Valentine’s Day. For this occasion, we have unique forms that will steal the hearts of lovers and enthusiasts of all baked goods. Made of aluminium or stainless steel, they show high durability for years. If you are interested in a different shape, please contact us – we will make it for you.

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