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18 May 2022GN containers. Useful accessories for bakeries and pastry shops.

Production, transport, and display of products should be quick and cause no problems. The equipment that will make the work much easier and will look perfect on the site are gastronomic containers. There are one of the handiest accessories for bakeries and confectioneries. See what their applications are and why they owe their popularity.
zastosowanie i budowa pojemników gastronomicznych

Gastronomy containers—when are they useful?

Catering containers are accessories that cannot be missing in any self-respecting restaurant, café, or breakfast room. Especially if the restaurant is famous for its wide selection of warm, homemade dishes or a set of salads, the meal will be healthy and balanced.

Although their advantages are appreciated by restaurant owners who want to store food in appropriate conditions, they still fall into the background among the representatives of the baking and confectionery industry. However, it is hard to deny that all places that want to expand their offer with seasonal, refreshing sorbets or savoury delicacies need appropriate equipment for their storage and display. This is where the robust and compact products come to your aid, with a lid in a variety of sizes to choose from. What are they characterized by, and how can they be used?

The use of catering containers

When customers opt for artisanal ice cream with rare flavours instead of doughnuts, buns and other sweets, these containers also have a few less obvious uses. Especially if they are properly selected and delivered with a dedicated trolley. That makes it easier to navigate around the plant and quickly change the display. When are they still useful?

For example: for the preparation and convenient storage of those more non-standard products or semi-finished products which must maintain an appropriate temperature before processing. Really wide possibilities and quality, which does not raise any doubts even among the most demanding customers, our gastronomic containers owe not only to the details of construction but also to the materials used. Do you want to check why they are considered one of the most useful accessories for bakeries and pâtisseries today? See how they are made and what exactly they bring about.

pojemniki gastronomiczne dla lodziarni

Gastronomy containers from Magorex. What materials are they made of?

All products approved for contact with food must meet several basic conditions if we want to enjoy perfect hygiene and safety. These requirements increase even more when we plan to introduce our own ice cream and sorbets to our offer, which must be kept in special conditions from the moment of preparation to the planning of the exhibition. What do you absolutely need to take care of?

GN containers that will eventually go to the scoop ice cream display case have to be of the same size and look excellent to encourage customers to buy at first glance. They also have splendid thermal insulation properties. It is also necessary to ascertain that the raw material from which it was made has the appropriate approvals. The product should itself be compact, easy to clean, and durable enough to last more than one intense season.

In the production process of GN containers for bakeries and confectioneries, we use only proven, high-quality products that will meet the expectations of users. One of them is stainless steel. Thanks to it, we can be sure that our gastronomic containers will remain in excellent condition for many years, and at the same time will remain resistant to corrosion, and abrasion under the influence of chemicals and wear. What other advantages do they have?

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Pojemniki gastronomiczne - przydatne akcesoria dla piekarni i cukierni

GN containers and trolleys—everything you need to know.

For simple and safe work with sensitive products, gastronomic containers must be properly constructed. It is important that the raw material does not absorb odours. The special shape of the edge allows for thorough rinsing of the residues and does not constitute an obstacle in elementary care. What else matters? The ice cream stored in them must maintain the correct temperature for even longer—also during transport, which can cause some difficulties. To ascertain that the right conditions are maintained at all stages and that all products are beautifully presented and carried effortlessly, we have prepared a wide range of accessories of various sizes or capacities. The popular variants that have permanently entered our offer include GN containers:

  • 32.5 x 53 x 2 cm with a capacity of 2.2 l;
  • 32.5 x 53 x 4 cm with a capacity of 5 l;
  • 32.5 x 53 x 6.5 cm with a capacity of 8 l;
  • 32.5 x 53 x 10 cm with a capacity of 14 l;
  • 32.5 x 53 x 15 cm with a capacity of 19 l;
  • 32.5 x 53 x 20 cm with a capacity of 26 litres.

Importantly, a set of five containers will fit on a special stainless steel trolley. For the convenience of use, the covers are permanently attached, and the wheels rotating around their axis can be blocked if necessary.

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Useful accessories for bakeries and pastry shops. Individual cooperation.

A problem faced by all bakers and confectioners who plan to purchase a small scoop ice cream display case is the low availability of custom equipment. That the shape and size of gastronomic containers must be suited to the conditions in the plant.

Oversized models will make storage difficult and will not allow many different flavours of ice cream to be included in the exhibition at the same time. At the same time, however, their form must guarantee a stable placement on the site and efficient transport using a trolley. How to make sure everything is buttoned up?

The answer for bakers and confectioners with special needs is the option of individual orders. At the request of our clients, we are able to introduce any modifications to the finished product or suggest what to decide on to make the work faster, simpler and flawless. The guarantee of high quality and ergonomics of our products is not only the extensive experience of specialists but also the technologically advanced machinery, thanks to which we can take on even the most difficult challenges.

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Are you looking for individual catering containers and trolleys for your plant? Order a catalogue with the most useful accessories for bakeries and confectioneries from Magorex and contact our sales office to adjust them to your expectations.