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9 May 2022Clean bakery and confectionery. Check out Magorex solutions.

In a professional plant, perfect hygiene and work comfort are important. Unfortunately, in order to maintain the highest standards and keep the equipment in perfect condition, sometimes you have to resort to specialized measures. See which solutions will be necessary for a clean bakery and confectionery.

Clean bakery and confectionery. How to choose the best solution?

A clean bakery and confectionery is a challenge that needs effective machines and detergents. Some of them will be ideal for the daily fight against carbon deposits, especially when you want to avoid costly production waste, corrosion, or damage to the surface. On the other hand, others will enable automatic cleaning of baking sheets of dough residues, restore the former condition of catering racks  and furniture, or remove strong stains from stainless steel. How to select the perfect solution for your plant?

Even if some products are particularly resistant to harsh chemicals, often their surface deteriorates after a few more intense seasons. The reason is matching washing accessories improperly, which cannot meet the specific needs of the industry or the properties used in the production of the materials. Remember a few elementary criteria when buying. All products should have a carefully designed composition, and many representatives of the industry should confirm their effectiveness. Instead of commonly available detergents, professional bakeries and confectioneries will work much better with specialised liquids and accessories. They are typically created in response to specific problems encountered during work, so you can think about your expectations before buying.

Do you want to know how to shorten the cleaning process, reduce the effort of your employees and significantly reduce costs? Here are a few things to bet on to keep your gear in top condition.

czysta piekarnia i cukiernia haem czyszczenie blach piekarniczych

Clean bakery and confectionery. Baking trays, moulds, and baking racks.

When a clean bakery and confectionery is a priority, and traditional measures simply cease to be effective, the answer is HAEM, a biodegradable agent for washing sheets and moulds used in the food industry. What are the advantages? Foremost, it is a reusable product—it is enough to filter it after a few cleanings to make it ready for use again. What’s more, HAEM is more effective at removing carbon deposits, helps to maintain hygiene in the plant and prevents losses in the form of kitchen waste. Wishing to make sure that it will be easily suitable for various types of surfaces, we have prepared two versions of the preparation with different capacities to choose from. The first one has a special, liquid consistency that effectively dissolves even those charred and baked dough residues. How to use it?

Foremost, the liquid should be poured into a special bathtub and heated to 40 degrees Celsius. All washed products can only be removed after a few hours. In the very end, it is a good idea to put them in a container for a while for the HAEM to drain off their surface, and then rinse them with water under pressure. Importantly, the preparation does not require dilution, and the length of the entire process depends on the degree of soiling and frequency of washing. Of course, we also have HAEM in the form of a gel, which is perfect for bakery racks. Just apply the right amount with a brush and leave it on until it starts to work.

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czyszczenie blach piekarniczych płyn haem
zalety środka do czyszczenia sprzętów piekarniczych ze stali nierdzewnej

Clean bakery and confectionery. Catering furniture, stoves, hoods.

We know very well how difficult it is to get rid of grease stains and agglomerates from stoves, hoods, racks, gastronomic furniture and all other equipment made of stainless steel. That is why we have recently expanded our offer with the professional REX-KLAR cleaning agent, which quickly and thoroughly removes even the most intense dirt, and at the same time helps to keep its surface intact. To ascertain that the product will have a perfectly refined composition, we have established cooperation with an entrepreneur from Żary who systematically supplies the market with high-quality chemicals. The effects exceeded our wildest expectations, and its efficiency and effectiveness have already been confirmed by many Magorex customers. How to use it?

The main thing is to follow a few precautions. The cleaned surface must not be hot, and before use, it is worth providing your employees with basic protective equipment, such as glasses, protective gloves and a mask. Then, just apply the preparation to large and greasy stains, wait a while, wipe the furniture with a sponge or brush and rinse thoroughly with water. Although the minimum waiting time is 1-3 minutes, it all depends on the degree of soiling. Remember that you can repeat this process if necessary.

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Universal device for cleaning sheet metal

It would be difficult to give up products that can deal with even more stubborn dirt such as carbon deposits or agglomerates in a really short time, there are situations in every plant where manual washing is inadvisable. With many trays that require scrubbing, devices designed especially for manual bakeries and confectioneries will be the best. Of course, to fulfil their task, they must be exceptionally easy to use, effective and properly adjusted to the requirements of future users. It is even better if they do not take up too much space on the countertop and can clean products of very different designs in one go.

All these advantages are offered by the universal tabletop machine, which is one of the most frequently chosen solutions for cleaning sheet metal, which helps to maintain perfect hygiene standards with little effort and no additional costs. Why is it still popular and how to use it? The device is ideal for removing traces of flour, grains and small remains of dough after baking. However, they are designed for continuous, even more, efficient work (it cleans up to 200 sheets per hour!) With all popular types of sheets—including flat, perforated, solid, Teflon coated, etc. How is it done? Simply put, special belts that rotate evenly while reading is responsible for excellent results and quick, trouble-free operation. They are, of course, equipped with high-quality, durable brushes—selected individually based on their hardness level and the current needs of the user.

czysta piekarnia i cukiernia wanna do czyszczenia blach i form Magorex

Check out other Magorex equipment

Of course, these are not all the products that we have introduced to our catalogue over the years. The use of all kinds of liquids, gels and strong cleaning agents will be much less troublesome if, during washing, we use special, thermally insulated tubs for cleaning sheets and moulds, which differ in their details. We offer models of various sizes with a flat (170 l) or vertical (300 l) charge, which enable, among others, heating the HAEM fluid to the required temperature.

After all, a special tray drainer will be useful, which will help you maintain full control, even when washing and drying many items of equipment at the same time.

A clean bakery and confectionery is a real challenge. Do you need more information on cleaning your baking sheets, moulds, racks, stoves or gastronomic furniture? Contact our representatives who will find the right solution for you.