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27 May 2022Confectionery trays for every shop

Large-scale production, or maybe traditional recipes and cooperation with customers at every stage? Although all confectioneries produce tasty, high-quality products, their needs are radically different. See how we work with them to create confectionery trays for each confectionery.
blachy cukiernicze dla każdej cukierni jak wybrać

Magorex for every pastry shop

Over the years, we have established cooperation with many bakeries and confectioneries. Our partners differ in the profile of products and in the size and nature of the services. The most important thing for plants that focus on the mass production of tasty confectionery products is to meet stringent criteria and quality standards, optimize work and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Usually, their offer aims at stores and supermarkets, so there is not much room for experimenting or trying new solutions with minimal risk to a business. That is why the wide assortment of pastry and various types of snacks does not change so often, and all efforts aim to improve the production system.

Artisan confectioneries which serve mainly individual customers, who can appreciate unique flavours and traditional recipes, have different needs. Family-owned, small businesses attract customers with fantastic, seasonal products, original forms and the possibility of personalizing all sweets. It is very often necessary to adjust the appearance or size of the cakes. Developing new, thematic decorations, changing the size or shape of a cake or modifying ready-made projects, of course, require special equipment. How to choose them?

blachy cukiernicze zamykane
blachy cukiernicze i piekarnicze od Magorex

Individual solutions

At the very beginning, we must check the unique needs of our customers. We pay attention to the nature and scale of production, the number of baked products and typical limitations, such as a small usable area. On this basis, we can determine which solutions will work best and how to prepare them so that they become an integral part of the plant. In addition to the basic parameters and details of craft, such as the shape of the corners of our sheets, we also pay special attention to the type of materials that should be durable, easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.

The collection of confectionery sheets for each shop is not only ready-made projects straight from our catalogue. As a manufacturer, we are able to quickly and efficiently implement specific, even the most non-standard ideas so that the work goes flawlessly. Which of them are worth choosing?

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Confectionery trays for every shop. See our assortment.

Regardless of your focus and how big your plant is, there are some rules you should follow to make your job easier. Our mass production and craft confectioneries solutions have appropriate approvals, meet all hygiene standards and are extremely easy to use. Even better, their design tailored to the specific production system helps reduce waste and shorten the working time while maintaining perfect, unique results.

Advanced, our own infrastructure and extensive experience of our experts allow us to make the equipment you will need so that the work goes without unpleasant surprises. Not sure what to choose? Discover the confectionery trays for every shop from the Magorex collection.

Confectionery trays with a removable bottom

It is crucial that all team members have comfortable working conditions. And that the production of layered cakes is quick and efficient. Do you bake fluffy biscuits? The precision in the process is guaranteed by special sheets with a removable bottom. They have been designed to improve ergonomics in each plant. How it’s working? It is enough to take the hot dough out of the oven, gently slide it out and set it aside to cool. The special shape of the sheet makes it done in a controlled, convenient and quick way. We will not break the delicate structure of the dough, nor will we risk accidental burns or other unexpected accidents.

Closed confectionery trays

Although nothing can match the natural, homemade flavours and carefully selected ingredients, the most important for new, random customers of the confectionery is the first impression: ingenious decoration, evenly cut pieces and the possibility of choosing the dessert cakes that catch our eye. However, the preparation of the exhibition is not that simple. The products need to be set in such a way that the service goes without major problems, and the whole product still looks delicious. Of course, customers often look for portions of a specific size that need to be served quickly and efficiently. Keeping the site in perfect order during rush hours is sometimes simply impossible. Then the attractive presentation of our assortment counts the most.

We have introduced lockable confectionery trays to our offer for each confectionery – both small family plants where production takes place on an ongoing basis, as well as for places supplying numerous stores, cafes and supermarkets. What is their secret? First of all, trays can be used at every stage of work: from baking and decorating, through stable, convenient transport, to sale. There is no need to transfer the dough to several display trays, and whenever the situation requires it, portioning can take place in front of customers.

Attention! For all those who want to protect the product and gain an additional aesthetic finish, we prepare custom-made ergonomic sheet covers.

Pressed baking trays. For every confectionery and bakery.

In our offer you will find a wide selection of confectionery trays for every pastry shop that, in addition to classic dessert cakes, wants to introduce tasty cupcakes, filling snacks and popular seasonal products of unusual shapes and sizes. Our devices differ in terms of the solutions, general-purpose and specific parameters.

We have many types of aluminium sheets with a special, perforated bottom and ventilation holes, which ensure that all pieces are evenly baked – also in the centre of the sheet. Our offer also includes classic baking sheets – perforated or solid, with a welded, open or curved corner, flat or with any number and shape of edges. Importantly, we can work on each of them individually, taking into account the modifications proposed by our clients.

Are you looking for individual solutions for your plant? Are you interested in products that meet specific requirements? Contact our sales office and discover the collection of confectionery sheets from Magorex.