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23 February 2022Extra possibilities in the production of bakery equipment

Over the years of our existence, we have introduced over two thousand standard products to the catalogue. However, our possibilities are much greater. We are happy to carry out individual orders and help match the equipment to the specific needs of each plant. That is why we have developed several additional solutions in the production of bakery equipment. When is it worth using them?
produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego blachy wypiekowe Magorex

Production of bakery equipment – discover the possibilities of Magorex

Thanks to the technologically advanced machinery park and the experience of our specialists, we perfectly understand the specifics and expectations of our industry. During the production of bakery equipment, we focus on high quality, ergonomics and maximum durability. By establishing direct contact with each client, we help choose solutions that best suit the nature of the baked goods. It is no different in the case of baking trays.

Our customers may decide on making specific modifications. The modifications may include the dimensions, materials used or the shape of edges and corners but also the size of the perforation and the type of non-stick coatings. Currently, we can produce different kinds of sheets, ranging from flat sheets to models with two, three or four edges.

Baking trays – necessary selection criteria

What is necessary to obtain reliable bakery equipment for years?

  • Material – the equipment of professional bakeries and confectioneries should be made of materials with long life, resistant to damage and high temperatures. We use aluminium or AluSteel in standard projects, but we also offer exceptional solutions: BlueSteel and stainless steel.
  • The shape of the rim – details often determine the course of work and the quality of baked goods. That is why, when manufacturing bakery equipment, we make sure that the height (10mm, 20mm or 23mm), the bend (45 or 90 degrees) and the edge (straight or curled) meet all expectations. In addition to the basic variants, there are also individual versions, developed at the request of our customers.
  • The corner of the sheets (welded, open or curved), the types of perforation and Non-Stick coverings are available on request.
produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego dodatkowe możliwości
produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego blachy wypiekowe Magorex

Sheet metal perforation – improvement of baking efficiency and quality

Evenly baked products and baking time reduced by several per cent are a desirable achievement in the baking process. When thinking about solutions that have revolutionized the production process, we cannot forget the perforation. 

The essential task of perforated sheets is to guarantee equal heat transfer to reach all parts of the sheet much faster. Small, improving airflow holes help to deal with the problem of undercooking in the middle or overcooking the dough at the edges once and for all. However, the size of the perforation is significant for the course of the entire process.

The most universal option is the 3mm holes. Depending on the consistency of the dough, you can also choose to have the largest 5mm perforation (for denser cakes) or small, densely packed holes of 2mm (for thinner cakes). In addition to the variants available in our catalogue, we also offer other, non-standard sizes, specially developed at the customer’s request.

Find out more → How does the perforation improve the baking quality?

Non-Stick coatings – what are their advantages?

Until recently, the best way to safely, efficiently and effectively remove bread seemed to be greasing the baking tray. Unfortunately, the direct consequence of using this method was, among other things, the formation of a stubborn carbon deposit. The answer to the existing problems is to cover the sheets with professional Non-Stick coatings, which facilitate work, contribute to an increase in production efficiency and help to maintain the highest hygiene standards in the plant. But it is not everything. Among their elementary advantages are:

  • resistance to high and low temperatures, 
  • chemical agents and UV radiation,
  • a low coefficient of friction – the dough will not start to stick to the working surfaces or delaminate.

Do you want to improve the cleaning method and reduce costs? The key to success is the selection of coatings taking into account their baking cycles and basic properties. How to do it, and what is worth remembering?

produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego powłoki Non-Stick

Non-Stick coatings – a solution for years

All variants of non-stick coatings are made on request. During the first, individual consultations with customers, we help to adjust them to the nature and volume of production. What are our capabilities in the production of bakery equipment? We offer:

  • silicone coatings that work well at 1000-1500 baking cycles, 
  • more durable fluoropolymer coatings, which differ from each other, e.g. thickness and reaching up to 3,000 baking cycles.

Even with proper cleaning and obtaining the usage rules, the coatings will deteriorate with time. We offer an exclusive regeneration service for customers who do not replace their equipment so often. It consists of three simple steps. At the very beginning, we remove the used coating thermally or mechanically. Then we move on to the necessary minor repairs. The final stage is the application of a new coating. The process can be repeated multiple times.

More information on the selection and care of coverings can be found in the entry → Non-Stick coated baking sheets – how to care for them?


Are you looking for individual solutions for your plant? Contact our sales office and learn about Magorex’s full capabilities in the production of bakery and confectionery equipment.