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25 June 2021Non-Stick baking trays – how to care for them?

testy odpieku w Magorex zestawy form z powłoką non stick zalety

Learn about the advantages of the Non-Stick coating

Do you struggle with the problem of carbon deposits and lose a small fortune on oiling products? Or maybe you have difficulty taking the bread out of the mold and large amounts of kitchen waste make you dizzy? If you are looking for equipment for special tasks, consider buying a baking tray and baking molds with a Non-Stick coating. What are their advantages? First of all:

  • they are resistant to high and low temperatures, UV radiation and chemical agents;
  • they have a very low coefficient of friction, thanks to which the dough does not stick and does not delaminate right after taking it out;
  • thanks to their properties, the production efficiency increases, there is no need to use oiling agents, and the costs and time spent on cleaning and care are much lower;
  • they have documented approval for contact with food;
  • they help to obtain baked goods of consistent, excellent quality; the dough rises better and the crust forms at the right pace, browns evenly and remains crispy.

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Types of non-stick coatings

We offer several types of non-stick surfaces for sheets and molds. Each of them is available on special request. You can choose between silicone coatings – SiliRex (thickness 30-50 µm, red, 1000-1500 baking cycles) and ResiRex (20-30 µm, transparent, 1000-1500 baking cycles) – and with fluoro-polymer coatings, which include:

  • PoliRex Eco – 20-25 µm thick, available in black, with an estimated number of baking cycles of 500-1000;
  • PoliRex Opti – thickness 20-30 µm, black metallic, estimated number of baking cycles is 1000-2000;
  • PoliRex Profi – 40-60 µm thick, available in green or black, the estimated number of baking cycles is 2000-3000;
  • PoliRex Special – 60-80 µm thick, available in red, with an estimated number of cooking cycles of 3000.
produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego dodatkowe możliwości

Non-Stick coated baking trays – before you start using them

How to care for Non-Stick coated baking trays? It is very important to burn the assortment before using it for the first time. How is it usually going? In the case of metal baking and confectionery accessories, the working surface should be heated in an oven (for about 45-60 minutes at 80-100oC) with a layer of vegetable oil and then left to cool down at ambient temperature.

Remember that baking also applies to silicone-coated products, with the difference that they should be fired in an oven at 250oC for 60 minutes or at 200oC for four hours. Do you have equipment with PoliRex Green or PoliRex Black coatings? You can easily start using them, as such surfaces do not require pre-firing.

testy odpieku w Magorex formy wypiekowe z powłoką non stick

Cleaning of bakery and confectionery equipment

Troublesome dirt, kitchen waste and sediment. Keeping your bakery and confectionery equipment clean is essential. That is why in the MAGOREX offer you will find specialized agents and accessories that will facilitate cleaning and maintenance. One of them is a universal sheet metal cleaning machine, created precisely for the needs of the production environment. It is suitable for removing flour, grains and small remains of dough after baking. The special brushes it is equipped with can be selected individually based on their hardness. In this way, we can be sure that the device is universal and cleans many types of sheets, including Teflon-coated models.

Are you looking for other solutions to help you fight carbon deposits? We also offer a dedicated HAEM cleaning fluid in a liquid (for trays and molds) or in a gel (for baking trolleys).

Cleaning accessories with non-stick coating

You can clean them as often as you need. You just need to follow a few safety rules. First of all, accessories covered with a non-stick coating do not require the use of harsh abrasives or sharp brushes. Avoid products that could shorten the life of the equipment, such as cleaning products not suitable for this type of surface. How to take care of molds and sheets with Non-Stick coating? Usually, the three-step method works perfectly:

  • First, gently wipe the stained area with a soft sponge and warm water.
  • Then shake the water off the tray or mold.
  • Don’t forget to dry them in the air or in an open oven for 15-20 minutes at 150 ° C.
jak dbać o blachy wypiekowe z nieprzywieralną powłoką
blachy wypiekowe z powłoką non stick jak o nie dbać

Basic rules for using Non-Stick coating

How to care for Non-Stick coated baking trays? Here are some basic rules to help you get the most out of it:

  • The trays and molds cannot be baked without batching – this significantly reduces the service life of the coatings.
  • It is not allowed to cut over the coatings or use sharp spatulas to level the baking, as well as knives, scrapers and other equipment that could damage the surface.
  • Coatings must be completely dry before baking. Otherwise the dough will stick and destroy the coating.
  • When storing non-stick coated sheets and molds, be careful not to damage them.
  • The number of baking cycles for Non-Stick surfaces depends on what is baked on them. The coatings end their service life when the dough starts sticking to them. This moment can be delayed as much as possible by careful cleaning and treatment.
  • The air humidity in the proofing room should be as constant as possible.

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Recoating, or regeneration of Non-Stick coatings

We constantly strive for the most beneficial cooperation between bakeries and confectioneries and MAGOREX. That is why we have prepared a special offer for customers whose sheets and molds with a non-stick coating require renovation. Are you worried that damaged equipment can only be thrown away? Unnecessarily! To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer a coating regeneration service.

We will remove the worn-out layer mechanically or thermally, we will also make minor repairs, if necessary. At the end of the process, we will apply a completely new coating, thanks to which your equipment will regain its perfect condition. Best of all, we can do it again and again.

Want more information? See baking molds and baking trays with Non-Stick coating in the Magorex catalog and contact our sales department and we will arrange the details together.