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16 December 2021Why is it worth working on Magorex bakery and confectionery equipment?

We have been providing our clients and partners with convenient, modern solutions that fit all the needs of the industry. We serve both large plants and family businesses in Poland and around the World. Today, we present a few of the top reasons to work with Magorex bakery and confectionery equipment. Check.
Czysta piekarnia i cukiernia - sprawdź rozwiązania Magorex

For bakeries and pastry shops

Developing new treats is a slow and complicated process. There is a long way to go before shortbread cookies, aromatic bread or doughnuts with unique filling are on display. Experienced bakers and confectioners must first conduct a series of tests, perfect the recipe and make sure that everything is tied up loose ends to the last button. We believe that to work freely and implement new ideas, one need solutions best suited to their needs. Since our products are made exclusively in our factory, we can offer our customers almost unlimited options. How is it all going? Why is it worth working on Magorex bakery and confectionery equipment?

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Know us better and check why it is worth working on Magorex bakery and confectionery equipment.

Individual projects and orders

We start the cooperation with each client with consultations. Then we prepare a project that takes into account all their expectations. Usually, it turns out to achieve the desired effects, it is enough to slightly modify the dimensions of our assortment, as well as its shapes or finishing details, such as perforation or the angle of inclination of the edges.

If the solution is good, convenient and efficient, it should not be changed. It is similar to the equipment for bakeries and confectioneries. Therefore, with a view to future cooperation for each such product, we develop special technological documentation. The client can repeat their order even after several years.

What else can we offer? The products available on request include, among others, transport trolleys adapted to the needs of the plant or tops reinforced with a stainless steel rod. We are also not afraid of slightly more unusual implementations, such as an intelligent shipping box or a shelter for disinfecting shopping carts. One of the additional options for individual customers is marking products with laser technology.

sprzęt piekarniczy i cukierniczy Magorex
produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego i cukierniczego

High-quality, certified materials

There is nothing worse than equipment that must be replaced after a few more intense seasons. There are many reasons why it happens. Sometimes durability is a problem. The sheets and moulds gradually deform due to the high temperatures and the baking process. Other times, the cause of the trouble is low functionality and lack of comfort of use.

How to avoid all of this? To guarantee long, maximum efficiency, you need equipment that meets several conditions. The most important here are durability, ergonomics and safety of the used materials. That is why during production we only use dedicated, tested and approved materials – aluminium, stainless steel, AluSteel or carbon steel.

Quality control is an important part of our production. We made sure that all our products have Health Quality Certificates issued by the National Institute of Public Health, National Institute of Hygiene.

świadectwo jakości zdrowotnej
park maszynowy Magorex

Modern solutions

Why is it worth working on Magorex bakery and confectionery equipment? What is the secret of our success? Many years of experience and passion from our experts, as well as an advanced machinery park. For almost thirty years of activity, we have known our industry and its trends from the inside out. As a supporting member of the Association of Baking Craftsmen of Poland and the Association of Confectioners, Caramelists and Icemen of Poland, we are in contact with all the companies that are leaders on the market.

Meeting clients’ expectations, we try to expand and modernize our infrastructure. The speed and maximum precision during production are guaranteed in Magorex by modern technologies. Thanks to this, we can create everything you need in your plant and advise on which solutions are worth using.

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Are you looking for the perfect equipment for your plant? Order our catalogue and contact sales advisors to see for yourself why it is worth working on Magorex bakery and confectionery equipment.