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16 December 2020What materials do we use to produce equipment for bakeries and confectioneries?

We have been creating equipment for bakeries and confectioneries for years. Thanks to this, we have developed several solutions that we use every day. An important element of the process is also the material from which our assortment is made. What materials do we use?

Magorex has been providing bakers and confectioners with the highest quality equipment for their plants for almost 30 years. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we perfectly know the market of bakery services and the current trends. We know how the equipment we produce should function – that’s why we create it from materials of the highest quality. See what our products are made of.

What to pay attention to when choosing bakery and confectionery equipment?

The equipment on which you work in your plant should meet several conditions. First of all, the molds and sheets must be made of a material resistant to high temperatures. When baking your products in hot ovens, you have to be sure that they will be okay and that the material from which forms are made will not affect the dough in any way. When choosing equipment for bakeries and confectioneries, our customers pay special attention to hygiene issues – whether the raw material from which the equipment was made has appropriate approvals and whether the product itself is easy to clean.

What materials do we use to create equipment for bakeries and confectioneries?

We use various materials in the production process of our products. After years of testing and experimenting, we know what works best. Elements of equipment for professional bakeries or confectioneries are made of aluminum, AluSteel, Bluesteel, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Discover the advantages of each of these solutions.

Sprzęt piekarniczy od Magorex


he greatest advantage of aluminum in the bakery and confectionery industry is its corrosion resistance. This material is resistant to high temperatures and strong chemicals used for cleaning molds and sheets.

The great advantage of aluminum is also flexibility – thanks to this property, aluminum is easily workable. It allows you to give products a variety of shapes, including non-standard ones. Aluminium products are four times lighter than stainless steel products.

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AluSteel is steel coated on both sides with a thin layer of aluminum. AluSteel sheets and molds – unlike ordinary aluminum – do not deform because of high temperatures and continuous heating and cooling during the baking process. The aluminum layer also protects the baking trays against corrosion. AluSteel provides savings by reducing the oven heating time, longer life of the baking trays and baking molds, and greater resistance to high temperatures.

Stainless steel

As the name suggests, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. Due to the high content of chromium, the steel is resistant to deterioration under the influence of chemicals. With frequent contact with water and food, these properties are essential in the baking and confectionery industry.

Importantly, stainless steel conducts heat well and is resistant to abrasion and wear. We can be sure that the equipment made of stainless steel will last for several years.

Non-Stick Coating

The non-stick coating of the Non-Stick is a great saving method for any bakery. It has a very low coefficient of friction, thanks to which the dough does not stick to the sheet, allowing lower consumption of oiling products. It is also saving on cleaning sheets and molds. The resistance to sticking also makes the dough rise better. The crust forms at the right pace browns evenly and remains crunchy.

Our offer includes the regeneration of coatings – thanks to this, you do not have to replace the equipment every few years.

We create our products to make the work of pastry shops and bakeries as easy as possible. By creating equipment from appropriate and high-quality materials, we provide security and guarantee greater comfort of use.

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