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8 December 2021What did Magorex look like in 1999?

For thirty years, we have managed to create over two thousand products to facilitate the work of every bakery and confectionery. Where did it all start? About what our company looked like in 1999 we asked Jarosław Mierzwiński, director of the Magorex plant.

So many years in Magorex are a piece of history. Since when have you been associated with the company, and what did you start with?

Exactly in November 1999, I decided to find employment with Robert Górka, who, at that time, was still running a company on Ludowa Street. We had known each other before, so I approached him when I wanted to change my employer. Magorex consisted of eight employees at the time, and I was essentially a working foreman. In 2000, the management bought the buildings on Pienińska Street, and we moved in May. The company was already developing continuously here. Already at the end of the year, there were probably forty employees.

How was your development in the company? New employees came, so you also got promoted? Had more responsibilities?

Exactly. Instead of a working foreman, I became a running foreman. There was no more time to work strictly with machines. At that time, we also faced various situations which are hard to believe today. For example, I remember that when the customs office was closing on Saturday, we all, including the boss, packed the products so the car would arrive before 1 pm.

Of course, along with the development of our machine park, we also increased employment. Soon after, I had foremen under me, who partly worked and partly managed people. We never changed titles here, I was just responsible for organizing the entire production. Even back then, the company was such that we had a boss who could make drawings based on which we produced prams. He also dealt with, among other things, the purchase of materials.

New people who were no longer involved in the production were systematically arriving. The situation required to employ a health and safety specialist, human resources and accountant. The company was gradually developing. The number of orders and assortment has been increasing. The purchase of each new machine allowed us to open some new technologies, and thus – to produce even better. More customers appeared, and we also entered the German market even more widely.

At this point, you are already the director. How fast did your career develop?

Yes, I’m already a plant director … or at least that’s what it says on my business card. At the very beginning, however, the title didn’t matter. Everyone knew I was in charge of the entire production. Someone else was responsible for procurement, human resources or accounting. Our boss was watching over it all the time. Of course, there was a transformation, and I became a business associate as soon as the former quit.

I think I got as far as I could. More can hardly be achieved. In a way, however, I keep having more responsibilities. Because I always give as much as I can, sometimes I have to delegate some of the other tasks in their place.

In 1999, did you expect such a development of the company?

No, I had no plans at all to stay here that long. When I got hired, I wanted to be a manual worker. The boss, however, suggested that I should manage it all in some way. I dealt with human resources in previous companies, so I had some experience in this. However, each company is different. Magorex also has its own specifics. The owner’s visions and decisions are the way they are. How business is run depends on him. For example, we have already implemented an ERP system, but we still control the machines manually. It depends on the business we are in and the specifics of our market.

Where do you see Magorex in five or ten years? What kind of company will we be then?

The situation is changing so dramatically that it’s impossible to tell. First of all, we will constantly develop. When we ran out of space, we purchased new halls, which allowed us to progress even faster. We may do the same in the coming years. We are prepared for it. The company has bought land and has a permit to build a hall. We certainly do not assume that we will stop developing.

Did the last two years help the company or harm it? We are talking about a pandemic, lack of materials, fewer orders, problems with employees … How do you rate this period?

First of all, in our industry, the market has not stopped. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a great unknown. However, the bakeries and confectioneries have to be serviced. So our only fear is investments. Especially in recent months, there have been problems with the sufficient amount of raw material and a sharp increase in prices. Of course, we do not assume a decline in production, and we are aware that the increase may not be as initially expected.

We are constantly expanding the services and increasing production. Our range in Europe is steadily growing. It must be said: there is no larger enterprise in Poland. Even in Europe, there are probably only a few plants of the same size.

Of course, we are not the only big company there, but none of them has such a wide range. Usually, their scope is much narrower, they specialize in a certain group of products. They also have an impressive history.

Magorex is almost thirty years old. However, German companies have existed since the 1940s. Although we do not compare with them, we still want to catch up with them. And we are getting closer to this goal. At present, our growth is certainly greater than that of Western companies that have been on the market for a long time. Everyone in our industry on the European market also knows about us. It all started back in the nineties when we sent only two pallets of our trays to Germany to the same recipient every two weeks.

We have been creating our company for thirty years! It would not be possible without the committed employees and their experience. See what has been created thanks to their hard work. →