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13 March 2020We care for the safety of our employees!

We try to handle disturbing information about the spreading virus with common sense and without panic. At the same time, we take the situation very seriously, and we have already implemented preventive measures at the first signals about the coronavirus reaching Poland.

Improvements for increased security

To protect the health and safety of our employees, we have introduced the following solutions:

  • on-site disinfectant fluids are available, located in several places,
  • we regularly disinfect all flat surfaces, door handles, doors during the day,
  • we cancelled meetings to limit the number of guests in our headquarters,
  • we placed posters informing employees what safety measures to take, what to avoid, we advise against greeting by shaking hands, and advise to keep a good distance from others,
  • we offer office workers the opportunity to work remotely,
  • we moved work time recorders from the porter’s lodge to the outside so that employees do not crowd in a small room,
  • we also change the working hours of the second shift – instead of at 14:00 employees will start work at 14:30 so that they can come to the plant at 14:15 and thus bypass the first shift,
  • for people who have a problem with childcare during the first shift, we offer the option of working during the second or third shift,
  • we also banned people who do not work in the building to enter the offices.

We encourage you to use security measures

All of the above changes are aimed at increasing the safety of our employees. We want to limit the possibility of infection as much as possible and at the same time increase the comfort of work for all people employed in Magorex.

At the same time, we remind you to follow the rules that will allow us all to go through this period safely. Remember to:

  • regularly wash and disinfect hands,
  • avoid hand contact with mouth and eyes – in this way the coronavirus enters the body,
  • stay at home with any symptoms – reduced immunity increases the risk of coronavirus infection, let’s protect each other,
  • take advantage of remote work opportunities.

Also, remember to take care of your health. The right amount of sleep, a healthy diet and eating vitamin C are proven ways to improve immunity.

Be responsible. Take care of yourself and others!