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8 January 2021Trends in the baking and confectionery industry for 2021

2020 was a challenge for every industry. What difficulties and opportunities await the baking and confectionery industries in 2021? One of our sales advisors tells you what 👇

How was 2020, dominated by the pandemic, from the Magorex point of view?

The year started very well for Magorex. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic around April and May, the turnover slowed down significantly. Some of our customers, wanting to save money, completely stopped ordering goods. Others found it an attractive time to invest in their bakeries and buy equipment that has just worn out.

Despite the difficult situation and naturally lower turnover, the closing of the year will meet our expectations. We are currently satisfied, we have a lot of work to do, and everything is going in the right direction.

Were Christmas orders a bit different than a year ago?

It is correct. Instead of the assortment strictly related to the holidays, carts or sheets are ordered.

Based on your recent experiences, what would you like to advise Magorex clients?

Put your investment decisions into practice beforehand. There are many of our clients; If a part decides to replace hardware faster, we may not be able to fulfil later orders. That’s what happened at the end of the year – people called to say they needed a last-minute stroller. We can accept the order well in advance and execute it at any time chosen by the client.

Do you see trends that will change in your industry?

The trends in the confectionery and bakery industry continue. The development of the bakery, which has been slowed down by the pandemic, has just accelerated again. If nothing confuses our plans, 2021 will be even better than the previous year.

When it comes to new products in the Magorex offer – what is worth mentioning? What are you testing or introducing in a moment?

A novelty at the moment is the cake slicer. It is a helpful device. A confectionery worker has to cut the cake several hundred times daily, so all she has to do is put them on a tray for the machine to do it.

Do you offer products that will be especially useful on a fat Thursday?

First of all, I recommend donut fryers and a manual or automatic stuffer, which improves the work. I already encourage customers to buy selected products – thanks to this we will certainly manage to make it before fat Thursday.

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