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24 May 2021The perfect wedding cake with Magorex equipment

The wedding season is fast approaching, so now it’s worth getting professional and ergonomic accessories. See what equipment from the Magorex collection is worth investing in to create the perfect wedding cake.

Thermal containers for a wedding cake

Round or rectangular, classic or custom? Wedding cakes are a true masterpiece of confectionery art. We focus on delicate design, impressive, multi-level constructions, and the most sought-after, fashionable shapes. No wonder the expectations of the bride and groom are so high. The effects are to delight with the richness of taste and perfectly present in commemorative photos.

The key to success is the details – the way we put the layers together, their size and weight, and even the type of cake. At the same time, we must ensure the safe transport and thermal insulation of such a specialty. Thermal styrofoam containers will help prevent unpleasant accidents and keep everything buttoned up to the last button. Are you wondering what else you will need to make the perfect wedding cake? See the MAGOREX proposals.

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Wedding cake stands

Do you specialize in baking spectacular double-decker wedding cakes? We perfectly understand how difficult it can be to make each of them have a strictly defined size and shape. That is why we have made available for you a wide range of cake stands. You decide how they should look. Each traditional model is made of stainless steel or aluminum and consists of three, four, or five floors. Should the layers of the cake overlap directly, without visible gaps? Then it is worth putting on pin racks with round or square plates. Although the standard pins are 7 cm high and 8 mm in diameter, you can offer us other sizes, more adequate to the plant’s needs.

The real magic begins when we prepare creative and original pastries. What to do to meet their demands? Especially for this occasion, we provide wedding cake stands with heart-shaped plates and models with a characteristic banana or rosette arrangement.

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The perfect wedding cake with Magorex equipment

Of course, preparing the perfect wedding cake is extremely time-consuming and requires a lot of precision. The magic begins during the first conversation with clients when their ideas and requirements come to the fore. Only then can we obtain professional equipment that will improve our work and guarantee our success. Sometimes the best option will be stands, racks or platters, thermal containers for stacked cakes, or plates for individual sponge cakes. Other times, it is worth adjusting their form or dimensions to the individual needs of the order.

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