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28 October 2019The advantages of aluminium for the baking industry

We have been using aluminum, AluSteel, stainless and carbon steel for over 20 years in the production of our bakery and confectionery products. Today we reveal the advantages of aluminum in the production of products in our industry.

Corrosion resistance

Trays, sheets, stuffers, baking forms and other bakery and confectionery products must be highly corrosion resistant. It is not only about resistance to water but also to high temperatures, as well as to cleaning chemicals. Aluminium products guarantee high corrosion resistance and inertness to chemical and non-toxic agents.

Easy processing

On the one hand, long-term durability, on the other – high flexibility. Aluminium is an elastic material. Thanks to this, we can give our products various shapes, including custom ones, in accordance with the individual orders of our customers.

Good heat conduction

An additional advantage of aluminium is its excellent thermal conductivity, which turns out to be useful for our clients. Sheets and baking forms ensure our customer’s good energy efficiency – they heat up faster and keep warm.

Lightness and aesthetic appearance

Certainly, a big plus, especially in companies with increased production, is the lightness of products made of aluminium. This material is four times lighter than stainless steel, ensuring better mobility. It is also very aesthetic, making baked goods and confectionery look good on aluminium trays.

Recyclable material

Aluminium is fully recyclable. Interestingly, the recycling process can be carried out indefinitely, without causing any loss of metal quality or properties. It’s a good choice for any modern bakery and pastry shop that cares for the environment.