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26 January 2021Supplies for artisan bakeries

Small family bakeries are places that make bread out of true passion, and the machines are only to facilitate the work of bakers. Places like this have their individual needs that we try to satisfy. See how we work with artisan bakeries.

Magorex for every bakery

There are two types of bakeries on the market of bakery services – large industrial bakeries, whose offer is aimed mainly at shops and supermarkets, and smaller craft plants, serving individual customers who care about the highest quality of baked goods. Regardless of what company you run you need the right sourcing. The equipment and furniture you buy must meet various aesthetic and hygienic requirements

zaopatrzenie dla piekarni rzemieślniczych magorex producent sprzętu piekarniczego
zaopatrzenie dla małych piekarni magorex

Artisan bakeries

Artisanal bakeries are usually small-scale plants where the bread baking process draws on craftsmanship. Due to the low degree of automation and often limited space, we select our offer individually to the plant’s needs. We also bear in mind that in artisanal bakeries natural ingredients are used, and baking follows a traditional recipe that has been in force for many years.

Top-quality equipment

The production of high-quality bread depends on the use of the highest quality equipment and accessories. The bakery equipment is made of materials resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Forms and trays made of stainless steel, aluminum, or AluSteel save the bakery time and money. Thanks to their properties, baking accessories can be great for a long time.

Know the materials from which we create our bakery equipment →


Forms sets for artisan bakeries

Sets of baking forms allow for effective time savings and better optimization of the work of a bakery. We press them with attention to every detail from one piece of AluSteel. This material provides them with durability and resistance to damage and corrosion. The corrugated bottom of the forms strengthens the sides and bottom of the baked bread. Thanks to the rounded corners, it is easier to keep it clean while baking. We offer standard products and custom-made sets. There are both rectangular baking forms and round ones for cakes.

Bakery trays for artisan bakeries

Bakery trays are necessary equipment in every bakery – both smaller and larger ones. Taking into account different needs, we have included in our offer several options for baking trays. The shape of the equipment is remarkable – at Magorex you can find flat baking trays and baking trays with edges (in 2-, 3- and 4-edge versions) at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees.

The basic offer includes various solutions, including flat sheets or sheets with edges (2-, 3- and 4-edge). There are also different variants of the corners: open, welded, curved.

Our clients appreciate the variety of solutions and the possibility of making equipment for their individual needs. That is why at Magorex you can order baking trays of various widths and heights. If you do not see a product in our range that meets your expectations? Contact us. As a manufacturer, we can quickly and efficiently implement a specific solution into production.

blachy cukiernicze i piekarnicze od Magorex
automatyzacja produkcji piekarnie i cukiernie

Bakery trolleys for artisan bakeries

We create both bakery trolleys for rotary ovens and trolleys for other purposes. Their main task is, of course, to facilitate the work of the bakery. We make bakery trolleys for ovens of the most popular companies: Miwe, Rototherm, Winkler, Agiv Forni, Sveba Dahlen, Bongard 8.63, Roto Passat, Revent.

Apart from bakery trolleys, trolleys for cooling play a substantial role in artisan bakeries. Openwork shelves ensure adequate airflow, thanks to which the bread evaporates evenly from all sides. Freshly baked products are crispy, retain the appropriate structure and shape.

A trolley that will work in bakeries with a small backroom is a six-wheeled trolley for baking baskets. It is suitable for transporting EURO E1 and E2 containers or other boxes with dimensions of 40 cm by 60 cm. The construction of the six-wheeled trolley allows for the overlapping of several baskets in the post.

See what a six-wheeled cart for baking baskets looks like →

Accessories for artisan bakeries

At Magorex, you will also get functional accessories that enable the efficient implementation of the baking process. Sieves, baking mats, brushes, bread shovels, and proofing baskets – you can find all of these in our offer.

akcesoria dla piekarni rzemieślniczych

Are you looking for individual solutions for your bakery? Contact our sales office and adjust your plant to your needs.