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21 October 2020Six-wheeled trolley for bakery baskets

We are expanding our offer again! This time, for our customers, we have introduced a six-wheeled trolley for baking baskets. It makes work much easier for every bakery. Why? Know its advantages.

Trolley for baking baskets: universal shape, high load capacity

The six-wheeled trolley that we have introduced to our offer is a transport trolley that is suitable for transporting EURO E1 and E2 containers, as well as other boxes with dimensions of 40 cm by 60 cm.

The trolley is a solution not only for the baking and confectionery industry but also for the butcher industry. Its huge advantage is its load capacity – the maximum load is as much as 300 kg. The trolley guarantees the possibility of transporting more products than with other types of transport carts.

It is possible to adjust the dimensions of the trolley to the customer’s needs. On individual request, we can make a six-wheeled trolley to any size of the basket.

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Hassle-free driving

The most important advantage of the trolley for baking baskets are its wheels. First of all, their number and size are essential. The trolley for baking baskets has six wheels with a diameter of 125 mm. The polyamide wheels of the trolley are resistant to damage and abrasion.

The design of the wheels allows the trolley to move freely in different directions. The middle axis of the wheels is lower than the two outer ones, thanks to which the trolley is slightly inclined. It makes it easier to manoeuvre the stroller in tight spaces.

The trolley for baking baskets has the so-called cradle – no threshold and unevenness of the floor are not a bigger problem. The cart will not stop but will gently slide over the obstacle.

Low rolling resistance and the ability to rotate the transport trolley in the direction of travel improve the functioning of the bakery.

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Trolley for baking baskets – what will surprise you?

The trolleys have a specially reinforced structure, which guarantees a stable ride. Sheet metal is additionally bent and welded at the joints. This transport equipment will work in places where several containers need to be transported at once. The construction of the six-wheeled trolley allows you to overlay several trolleys in the pillar.

The trolley for baking baskets is also an easy-to-clean trolley.

Are you looking for individual solutions for your bakery or confectionery? Contact our sales office and adjust your plant to your needs.