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26 April 2022REX-KLAR cleaning agent. New product from Magorex for bakeries and confectioneries

Every bakery and confectionery that wants to maintain the highest hygiene standards face the problem of greasy and extremely difficult to remove dirt. Are you wondering how to clean stainless steel appliances faster and more effectively? The answer is a novelty in our offer, the REX-KLAR cleaning agent.
Środek do czyszczenia REX-KLAR dla piekarni i cukierni

Stainless steel equipment

Professional equipment that will remain in excellent condition even after prolonged use is a must if we want to avoid unexpected problems and make the work more efficient. When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of execution but also to the materials used. The most important thing is that the raw material has the appropriate approvals, is resistant to cleaning under the influence of intense chemicals and is easy to maintain. There is a reason we use stainless steel to produce the highest quality furniture and equipment. 

In addition to good heat conduction, stainless steel guarantees a high degree of resistance to corrosion, abrasion and decline. It is an option for those who do not want to worry about possible damage or additional costs when dealing with stubborn, difficult to remove dirt. What to do to make equipment serve for a long time and make cleaning much easier? The special REX-KLAR cleaning agent is the answer to all the signals we have received from our customers so far. See why we decided to introduce it to Magorex’s offer.

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REX-KLAR cleaning agent – what are its advantages?

Traditional methods and gentle cleaning products are not the best solutions to get rid of ubiquitous grease stains and heavy dirt. Why does a task that should only take a moment drag impossibly? It is better to use proven measures to restore the surface of the equipment to its previous condition after a long day of baking and frying.

All the washing agents must meet the unique needs of the baking and confectionery industry. The significance is not to damage the cleaned surfaces and have a specially designed composition that will guarantee such high efficiency: effortless and more efficient work. These were the goals that guided us at all stages of the production of the REX-KLAR cleaning agent, which was created in cooperation with an entrepreneur from Żary who regularly supplies the market with high-quality chemicals.

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zalety środka do czyszczenia sprzętów piekarniczych ze stali nierdzewnej
środek do czyszczenia REX-KLAR od Magorex

How to use the REX-KLAR cleaning agent?

Although we introduced it to our product range recently, it has already attracted the attention of experienced bakers and confectioners. The first feedback received from our customers confirms the effectiveness of the preparation. How to use it? First, the product is intended for cleaning sinter and greasy dirt from stoves, racks, hoods and all gastronomic furniture made of stainless steel. Make sure that all components are adequately cold before use. To maintain the highest safety standards, it is also necessary to take care of personal protective equipment, such as protective gloves, glasses and a mask.

To quickly and thoroughly remove the most stubborn traces of grease, apply a small amount of REX-KLAR agent to the dirty surface, and then wait long enough for the product to take effect. After a minimum of 1/3 minutes, it is necessary to wipe the furniture with a sponge or brush and then rinse it thoroughly with water. Do some places still need cleaning? You can easily repeat this process. Also, remember to adjust the waiting time to the degree of soiling.

Do you need more information on the proper care of your stainless steel furniture, appliances and accessories? Do you want to know all the benefits of the REX-KLAR agent? Contact our sales representatives to find the best solution for your bakery and confectionery.