Trays and stands Display trays

Made of 0.8 mm thick aluminium, display trays are a great way to present baked goods and confectionery products. We create them in various sizes, shapes and colours. Thanks to the folded edges, the tray is additionally stiffened and reinforced.

Small, one or two centimetre long edges give the display trays an elegant look. 

Display trays with rounded corners

Display trays with curved corners are one of the most hygienic solutions when it comes to presenting products. Rounded corners make it easier to keep clean and take care of the surface.

The aluminium display trays are made of a single piece of material. The edges of the trays are cut with laser precision. Their anodized surface can be champagne and black, etched silver or painted black.

A choice of elegant colors

During the production, the surface of trays is subjected to etching – thanks to it, the aluminium has a nice, smooth colour and does not stain your hands.

Surfaces with colours other than silver are specially treated during production. First, there is an etching process followed by an anodizing process which increases the hardness of the surface. The final stage is chemical dyeing to the desired colour.

Cake and cupcake stands

For confectioners specializing in baking spectacular cakes, we offer cake stands with round plates with three, four or five floors. We also provide individual parts for stands, as well as thermal containers for cakes on stands made of polystyrene.

Traditional cake stands are not the only solution in our offer. We also make custom racks of various shapes, such as Rosette 3, Banana. We also supply cupcake stands with holes.

Sandwich racks

Wave sandwich racks will keep your products clean and tidy. They will perfectly display your products.

In our offer you will find full stands, with windows, as well as perforated stands in several sizes. We also realize individual orders.

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