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14 September 2021Production automation in the bakery and confectionery industry

Many bakeries and confectioners are taking steps to modernize and improve the operation of their facilities. What solutions do they choose? Is it worth investing in production automation equipment in the bakery and confectionery industry?
automatyzacja produkcji piekarnie i cukiernie

Big versus small

Automation of production is not the same everywhere. It all depends on the individual needs of establishments of various sizes. Some companies use it to a limited extent, while others implement it on a large scale.

Properly trained staff must then, above all, exercise supervision over the machines. When the point supplies a large network of recipients, the right people are an advantage.

The created assortment must often meet specific quality standards. It is also of great importance that all the products look and taste the same. Achieving such results through manual production would be very difficult.

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Endless possibilities

However, automation is not reserved only for large manufacturers. Smaller companies can also benefit from it, especially when the company introduces it skillfully.

Bakers and confectioners independently decide which areas should be automated. Individual solutions can be easily adapted to the production volume and even the room area. What are the advantages of automation of production in the bakery and confectionery industry?

automatyzacja produkcji w piekarniach i cukierniach

Why is it worth automating production?

Automation means reliability and efficiency. Development and increasing competitiveness are the main reasons why we encourage our customers to innovate in their plants. Modern equipment and devices mean better work organization, stable quality and lower costs. The risk of mistakes made by employees turns out to be much lower. You can freely plan and run production, control resource consumption and create comfortable and safe workstations.

sprzęt piekarniczy i cukierniczy Magorex

Production automation in the bakery and confectionery industry

For everything to go smoothly, we must remember a few things. One of them is the selection of equipment that will meet all expectations. What criteria to consider? First of all, the quality and the way of production. When purchasing from a proven manufacturer, there is a guarantee that the first damages and failures will not appear very quickly.

Are you not sure if the equipment will meet your expectations? It is best to test it before purchasing. We offer this option, for example, in the case of an automatic donut filler, which you can rent for seven days. What other production automation devices do we have in the bakery and confectionery industry?

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Automation of production in bakeries and confectioneries. Magorex solutions

Automatic cake slicer

A cake slicer was created at the special request of one of our clients. Since then, it has had its place in the offer of Magorex. How does it work? It is enough to program it properly to get the pieces of dough to the perfect proportions. It is an easy-to-use device that helps you save time, maintain full multitasking in confectionery and achieve professional results. See how you can use it.

Automatic donut filler

It significantly speeds up the process of filling confectionery products and can be freely programmed. We have equipped it with several facilities and security features that make work easier and more controlled.

The base of the device is a body with a switch and a control panel. The pump placed on can be easily disassembled and cleaned. We provide our customers with needles for filling donuts, croissants or cream rolls. Another element is the funnel into which the filling is poured. Pressure with a load fills the products with lighter stuffing, for example with whipped cream. You decide for yourself what time of its administration and the dose in grams satisfies you.

See how easy it is to assemble and operate our stuffer:

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