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20 March 2024More efficiency in your bakery plant? Meet the molds and kits from Magorex

The efficiency of a bakery or confectionary shop is one of the key factors for achieving success in the industry. However, not everyone succeeds — after all, to increase the efficiency of your work, you need to consider different issues, such as the right equipment, qualified personnel or process automation. Wondering, how you can make your business more efficient? In this article, we will present the latest solutions from Magorex that not only increase efficiency but also guarantee higher-quality baked goods. Molds and kits dedicated to professional bakeries and pastry shops are a great addition to a well-run business.

Magorex innovative molds and kits

The right tools are an essential part of the smooth operation of a plant, ensuring higher productivity, but also good quality baked goods. Adapting the equipment to the type of manufactured products, as well as properly adjusting the dimensions of baking sheets and molds, enables more efficient use of space and an increase in the number of baked goods. That’s why at Magorex we make sure to provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase molds tailored to their needs — our sets will become a reliable part of the equipment for your bakery or pastry shop.


AluSteel baking molds

When looking for the right equipment for your business, be sure to consider AluSteel baking molds. These finely detailed molds are made from carbon steel. They are coated on two sides with a thin layer of aluminum and steel, combining the advantages of both raw materials. This model is distinguished by its great resistance to high temperatures and longer service life compared to molds made of aluminum. Our technology is based on producing these molds by deep drawing from a single piece of AluSteel material, which results in rounded corners. This, in turn, promotes cleanliness in the plant. Baked goods from such molds have no sharp edges, which also eliminates the risk of damage to the packaging. In addition, our molds are equipped with corrugated bottoms and sides, which strengthen the structure of baked goods, especially those with a delicate texture.

What’s more, AluSteel molds do not deform as a result of exposure to high temperatures, or with continuous heating and cooling during baking. As a result, they significantly reduce baking time. They also have the advantage of increased resistance to corrosion and various damages, so you can be sure that they will serve in your establishment for many years.

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blachy magorex

Baking molds with Non-Stick coatings

Baking molds with Non-Stick coatings are an excellent piece of equipment for any bakery with numerous benefits. With Non-Stick coating, your establishment will save not only on the consumption of grease products but also on the time and costs associated with cleaning the molds. The Non-Stick coating has a low coefficient of friction, as a result of which the dough does not stick to the sheet. Another advantage of this coating is that it resists sticking, which promotes even crispy baking. Molds of this type are also resistant to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and chemical agents, so they will be indispensable in the daily work of bakers. By using our Non-Stick molds and baking sheets, the production of baked goods will become more efficient, and the resulting baked goods will be of magnificent quality. So if you are looking for a solution that will save both time and money, baking molds made by Magorex will be the perfect choice for your bakery.

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blachy wypiekowe z powłoką non stick jak o nie dbać

Customized baking and confectionery mold sets

In our offer, you will find ready-made sets of molds for baking specific products. Molds for poppy seed cakes, baking trays for baking baguette rolls, or hamburger buns are very popular. When ordering, you can choose from a variety of available sizes and coatings. On the other hand, for large production facilities, we offer suitable baking and confectionery molds tailored to customer specifications. So if you would like to supply your bakery with baking trays of a specific size or shape, Magorex can create the perfect products for you. By placing such an order, you will be able to choose not only the material, that will be used to create a dedicated set of baking molds, but also the internal dimensions, the type of integrating band, and the number of molds in a given set. All of it will be tailored to the individual dimensions of your bakery manufacture. Confectioners will also love the ability to choose the right rims for each baking tray — thanks to the advanced technologies in Magorex machinery, we will create heart-shaped rims for you, but also classic round or rectangular models.

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Blachy wypiekowe - rodzaje dostępne w Magorex

Increase the efficiency of your business with Magorex

Ordering personalized sets of molds for your bakery can be an excellent solution when it comes to increasing the ergonomics of work in the production process. The advantages of such a solution are immense – it not only allows you to effectively save time when cleaning baking trays, but also to better optimize your bakery’s work and make real savings. Magorex baking sheets show excellent long-term durability, so you will be able to replace confectionery and bakery equipment less often.

Contact our sales consultant to learn all the benefits of choosing such a solution and match it perfectly to your facility’s needs.