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13 November 2019Magorex products abroad – an interview with Daniel Salamon from the sales department

Daniel works in the sales department and is responsible for contacts with foreign clients and for our key projects. He has been working at Magorex for 15 years. He started with production, gradually developing skills and going up the “career ladder”. His experience and knowledge make him an invaluable employee and a reliable intermediary between production and the customer. We decided to ask him some questions about his work and more.

Are specific countries differ in terms of the products they buy? Do they have their own preferences when it comes to Magorex products?

We produce standard sheets that are used by all of Europe, but we also have separate countries with their own specific products.

Which country is the most surprising when it comes to orders?

Russia. This country needs solutions that it has been using for 50 years and here there is no question of changing the concept of the entire sheet metal structure. We could make it cheaper, faster and just as well, but the Russians want to use what their grandfather and great grandfather used.

How has Magorex changed over the past 15 years? How would you summarize the company’s development at that time?

The company develops year by year. When I started working in Magorex, around 25 people were employed here. We currently have about 200 of them. The interpersonal relations in the company, here in the office or in the hall, are on the same level – as when it was small and how it is now.

There is no corporate system, which I am very happy about. There is practically equality of all employees, everyone knows what they’re responsible for, everyone knows it.

In 15 years you have gone through many vacancies. Do any of them have a greater fondness or maybe you prefer what you are doing right now?

Fortunately, I am in a position where concepts change practically every year, something new is always happening, so in fact, I am developing all the time.

What do you do after hours? Do you have a hobby that allows you to cut yourself off from your professional responsibilities?

I rest after work (laughs). I have recently returned to the sport, I run a bit, do some fitness. And if there are free time and opportunity, we travel with the whole family around Poland, but also abroad.

What have you recently visited?

I love the Alps in winter and summer, so I go back there often.

Skier or snowboarder?

Skier (laughs).

Thank you for the interview.