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3 March 2020Magorex in eastern Poland – an interview with Waldemar Miernicki

Waldemar Miernicki is our representative in the eastern part of Poland. Customers know him as a committed and reliable person who takes seriously the improvement of bakeries’ and confectionery factories’ work.

Mr Waldemar Miernicki does not often stay in our office in Żary. Recently, however, we met him at the Expo Sweet fair in Warsaw. We used this opportunity to ask him a few questions and present his story.

Since when have you been associated with the industry? Has it always been Magorex? What’s your story?

I have been associated with the industry since 2005. It wasn’t always Magorex, because I worked in several companies. However, they were related to the industry, supplying equipment for bakery and confectionery production. I have been working at Magorex for 6 years.

What convinced you to work for a company so distant from your place of residence?

There were several reasons. The main one was that, although I didn’t work for Magorex, I was connected with it through certain businesses that we did together. While working in other companies, I bought sheet metal and trolleys for clients through Magorex.

Another argument is that Magorex is a producer, not a trading company. Until now, I worked in purely commercial enterprises, I sold a product that was usually western. Whereas Magorex is a producer, a very stable and strong company on the market in Poland, it is the largest company and one of the largest players in Europe. And that made me choose it.

The beginnings were difficult or after so many years in the industry was it just a change of business card?

In Magorex, more business card change, because I was already strongly associated with the industry, starting my work here. I knew the market because I was trading among bakers. I was selling machines and accessories, so it wasn’t difficult. However, when it comes to my beginnings, it wasn’t easy.

Magorex has a very wide range of products. How can you quickly get to know it?

In my case, it wasn’t a problem. If you spend so much time in factories, observe production and know it, it is easy to identify with it and with what the customer needs. Especially since the first company in which I worked, maybe not the biggest one, but it provided me with an excellent school of life.

Six years of work is a lot. How do you assess the development of Magorex during this time?

I still remember Magorex from the times when there was no new hall, so years before I started working here. The company has grown rapidly since then. Starting from the hall, through subsequent investments, to the introduction of a new range of products. This is a response to customer demands.

Polish customers are often surprised that we have some of our products. Western customers, who have factories here, can also be surprised that products have been made in Poland. We have examples that someone orders something in the West, these products come to them, and then I visit the plant and say: they are ours. So now they are ordering here, bypass brokers.

I think Magorex tries to respond, and sometimes even goes ahead with customer needs. We also start to propose solutions ourselves. This mainly occurs when we create products for large industrial bakeries. We develop some technological innovations and then transfer them to these smaller customers.

Now a completely different topic. How do you relax after working hours? What are you interested in, what is your hobby?

I was a military man for over 20 years, until 2004. When I retired, I changed the industry completely. And because I like being in touch with people, being on the move, I don’t like the desk – I really like my job.

What do I do after work? I am no longer associated with the army, but I spend time at the shooting range. In winter I go skiing. Taking care of granddaughters takes also a lot of my time.

Do you run a small or large bakery in the Lubelskie, Łódzkie, Małopolskie, Mazowieckie, Podlaskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie provinces? Contact our representative: