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22 April 2020Magorex for employees: co-financing for language courses

Employee development guarantees the development of the company, which is why we take every chance to improve the competence and skills of our staff. Magda Zieziula from the export department, who has been practicing and developing her English for several months, took advantage of this opportunity. She uses the language on a daily basis in dealing with foreign clients. Get to know her story.

Training adequate to the workplace

Magda supplies our export team. She serves foreign customers every day, and frequent conversations in foreign languages are on her agenda. She sells Magorex products, so he has to use not only communicative English, but also a wide vocabulary – business and strictly industry-related

In the export department, English, or any foreign language, is a must. So I got a proposal to improve my language competence by participating in an English language course - says Magda.

More than just a course

Magda’s language course was primarily aimed at improving her language competence. Thanks to this opportunity, however, she also had a chance to repeat important issues related to English, and – as time has shown – to increase confidence during conversations with clients:

In addition to the standard things I learn, I also have the basics of business language, which is essential when working with clients. At the beginning every telephone contact was quite stressful, but now I can see that it goes much better.

Magda has been attending the course for a year, twice a week. The classes will end soon, but Magda will be able to use everything she learned for years. Does she find language courses useful in Magorex?

Such courses are definitely important. Thanks to them, we can improve our competences and work more effectively and efficiently.

Language courses for Magorex employees

We organize foreign language courses for employees who can be helped by such skills in their daily duties. If you work at Magorex and you think that increasing your language competence is necessary for your work, contact the HR department.

Each course is financed entirely by Magorex. The only condition for such training is of course the presence and urgent participation in the lessons. Yes, also doing homework 😉