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19 June 2021Magorex equipment for gastronomy

Convenience, safety and quality that does not raise any doubts. At MAGOREX, we do not forget about the unique needs of large and small gastronomy establishments. Do you want your products to be of the highest quality? See which equipment from our collection is worth choosing.
sprzęt gastronomiczny blachy wypiekowe okrągłe

Tailor-made gastronomic equipment

Traditional, evenly baked rolls, delicious tarts, crunchy, aromatic baguettes, or maybe a pizza dough that will become the best showcase of your restaurant in a short time? We perfectly understand how important for every restaurant, pizzeria or breakfast room is valuable, tasty bread and original snacks. That is why we have made sure that the MAGOREX offer does not lack specialist gastronomic equipment that will quickly adapt to the expectations of our customers.

We constantly strive for the most beneficial cooperation with confectioneries, bakeries and other establishments. We make all kinds of sheets and forms. And when time passes, we help renovate them. It is thanks to our coating regeneration option and individual cooperation with customers that we can make sure that our products will be an important part of each plant for a long time to come. Do you want to expand your menu with appetizing, non-standard baked goods, and at the same time facilitate and improve production? Are you looking for the right equipment for years? Check what sheets, forms and practical accessories we have prepared for you.

Get to know the obligatory bakery equipment for the breakfast bars

Catering equipment from Magorex: baking trays

You decide for yourself how they should look like. All you have to do is tell us what you expect when placing an order, and your gastronomic equipment will be tailored to your needs. You can choose the material from which they will be made, dimensions and details of execution. We have prepared a really diverse collection of baking sheets for baking classic, modern delicacies. Which of them should you pay special attention to?

  • Baking trays for baguettes and casseroles – also here the perforation allows for free air circulation, and thus – faster, even baking. The size of the holes is 1.8 mm, 3 mm or 5 mm. We make sheet metal frames of aluminum or stainless steel. Before buying, give us the preferred width and depth of the troughs, as well as the way they are arranged – parallel to the long or short side.
sprzęt gastronomiczny blacha do wypieku bagietek
sprzęt gastronomiczny blacha do bułek hamburgerowych
  • Round baking trays for pizza are the basis. Do you want the dough to be evenly baked over the entire surface and the bottom to be crispy? Opt for a sheet with a perforated bottom made of aluminum, BlueSteel or AluSteel.
  • Trays for baking hamburger buns – have 2 mm perforated or solid sockets (without holes) in the amount agreed when placing the order; available in a standard or maxi version, in any size, made of aluminum or AluSteel.

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Catering equipment from Magorex: tart mold

Are you struggling with the dough sticking to the tray? Is the difficult to remove dirt a real nightmare? We have the perfect solution! Not only our hamburger and baguette trays, but also tart molds, on request, we will equip our customers with a special non-stick coating – silicone or fluoro-polymer. You will forget about the colossal amounts of oiling agents and the dough will grow better and at the right pace. Tart molds from the MAGOREX collection have an ergonomic, well-thought-out design, are durable and resistant to abrasion and deformation – even under the influence of really high temperatures.

Catering equipment from Magorex: pressed baking molds

Do you want to introduce pates and savory, classic delicacies to your menu? Your offer has to include dedicated MAGOREX solutions, such as pressed baking forms. Durable, safe and reliable, they are deep-drawn from a single piece of material. Rounded corners help to keep it clean, the aluminum layer on both sides protects against corrosion, and the corrugation strengthens the sides of the bottom of the baking. A well-thought-out structure prevents dirt from accumulating in strategic places of the forms, and their use and care are completely intuitive.

Here, too, you can enjoy the benefits of the non-stick coating. Does it sound interesting? Order mold sets in aluminum, stainless steel or AluSteel and match them to your cart. Are you looking for models with unusual shapes or dimensions? We are open to suggestions.

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sprzęt gastronomiczny wypiekowe formy tłoczone
sprzęt gastronomiczny pojemniki gn

Catering equipment from Magorex: GN containers

These are one of the most important gastronomic equipment in our collection. Gastronorm containers have a multitude of applications, they are safe and can be approved for contact with food. They do not absorb odors and are extremely easy to clean. All thanks to the carefully selected raw material and the special shape of the edge, which allows for instant washing of leftovers and thorough care. GN containers with various choices and capacities to choose from nicely display the products, keep their temperature and help in transport.

Do you want to match gastronomic equipment to your needs and expectations? See MAGOREX catalog contact us!