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18 January 2021Magorex development – what are we planning in 2021

We regularly improve our machine park to improve the manufactured equipment and expand our capabilities. What changes do we want to introduce to our plant in 2021? Read the interview with our plant director, Jarosław Mierzwiński.

What are Magorex’s plans for 2021?

Development and production increase will be in the first place. We want to achieve this by introducing new machines to the plant. We have some investment and development plans that we are already trying to implement – more trucks brought new equipment to our machine park in the previous month. We want to expand our machine park with machines that will allow for the automation of the production of sets and forms for baking bread. We extend and modernize the machinery park to increase efficiency, speed up order fulfillment, and reduce costs.

There is an increase in interest in the industrial sector. Baking mold sets are popular, and they appear all the time on our production lines. Thanks to the automation of production, it is much faster than two years ago. We were able to increase the number of orders, produce more sets, and shorten their delivery times.

The investment in production automation has proved successful, and we are regularly striving towards development. We try to automate our production, thanks to which we win with other producers on the market.

Are these plans for the entire year or only for the first quarter?

These are plans that we want to implement throughout the year. Of course, the market situation will verify these moves and the time of their implementation. We want a 10% increase in production to be our minimum, although we assume that increase of 5% is also a positive result. We have not changed these assumptions for several years. We cannot consider 2020 as a lost year – we did not manage to achieve the projected 10%, but we did not have any losses compared to previous years.

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produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego i cukierniczego w Magorex

What lessons have you learned from this pandemic situation? Are there solutions that you have introduced and will prove themselves in the coming years?

Our work depends on customers’ orders, and their investments matter to us. It is the job of our customers to plan for 2021. They should organize the following years, taking into account the situation in 2020. Spring showed a slowdown, but the second wave did not slow down anything.

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