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13 April 2022How is the Magorex cake slicer made?

What to do to control the appearance of goods and improve production efficiency? The answer is an automatic cake slicer, which quickly gained recognition in both large plants and smaller bakeries and confectioneries. Check what it is characterized by and how we work on it.

Automatic cake slicer – what are its advantages?

Proven procedures, high-quality ingredients and the experience of employees are the most important in all bakeries and confectioneries. However, still, the final result of production is determined by time. Modern equipment and devices come to the rescue whenever we have to prepare tasty and beautiful baked goods for a larger scale of recipients. One of them is the automatic cake slicer, which helps to divide the cake into perfectly even pieces. It is enough to determine how many parts we want to obtain and what shape they should be, and then start the machine using a special switch to start working. It does not matter if the input product is round, square or rectangular – one will get pieces of identical, strictly defined proportions, and the slicing process will go without any surprises.

Andrzej Januszewski, who deals with the construction, modernization and assembly of our slicing machines, provides detailed information about the production process.

automatyczna krajalnica do ciast

How is the Magorex cake slicer made?

Modern and user-friendly solutions for bakeries and confectioneries are our speciality. The automatic cake slicer was created completely from scratch by our design. We are currently working on implementing further modifications that will increase its functionality. We anticipate some significant changes. Since we came to the conclusion that each slicer should be levelled, new suspension systems have already appeared. We have also developed another special frame.

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The machine is constructed practically from scratch in the production hall, thanks to which we can improve every, even the smallest element. Is the automatic cake slicer worth developing?

Definitely, new ideas appear all the time. Before the implementation, they undergo a verification process. All necessary comments and proposed changes are first reported directly to the management. Some solutions are, of course, introduced for the needs of our clients after individual consultations. At the moment we are also dealing with the issue of software. We would like to have a Wi-Fi module in the future, thanks to which we will be able to connect to a slicer remotely, whenever users are interested in new, strictly defined procedures.

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How long does the construction of the cake slicer take after accepting the order?

Although there were slight delays in obtaining the necessary components during the pandemic, we now have the materials needed to produce more devices in stock. We always try to have at least one slicer in stock, which we can quickly make available to customers if necessary. Everyone who wants to test our solutions and come to a decision later can also rent a slicer for several days. People who use it mostly react really positively. That is why we have more and more orders.

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