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11 November 2021Magorex bakery equipment: new production plants and products

We put development in the first place. We do not only want to improve our products but also constantly increase the possibilities. That is why this year we have opened two new production halls. What Magorex bakery equipment are they dedicated for? What else are we planning? Check.
testy odpieku w Magorex formy wypiekowe z powłoką non stick

Magorex development. In which direction are we going today?

Thanks to our many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs and requirements of the baking and confectionery industry. We try to introduce to our offer only such accessories that will remain an indispensable part of each plant for a long time. The Magorex bakery equipment is created primarily to facilitate work and guarantee baking of the highest quality. Thanks to modern technologies and carefully selected materials, we create solutions that match the assortment of our customers and the profile of their business. What else is the secret of our success?

The answer is the passion and commitment of our specialists, as well as the advanced machinery park. It provides us with maximum precision and speed of production. We are not afraid to use the latest solutions and carefully follow market trends. The direction in which we are heading now is as much automation as possible. To meet these expectations, we are constantly trying to expand and modernize our infrastructure.

New production plants

We are constantly expanding our range with new accessories and devices. Already at the design stage, we take into account all the problems and requirements of the bakers and confectioners. It is their opinions that help us to introduce further improvements and innovations. The next step in our development was the opening of two new production halls. We work in them on our flagship equipment from Magorex’s offer. The first is the Moulding Center. We dedicated it to one of our bestsellers, the pressed baking moulds from Magorex. In the second plant, the production of our latest proposal – a peelboard for proofing bread, takes place. How did we supply our plant, and what are we planning next? Urszula Górka, member of the Management Board and manager at Magorex answers:

It all depends on what we will need to improve productivity and increase efficiency. We are constantly investing in solutions that will help us automate the production process as much as possible. Lines for stamping moulds have recently been installed in our newest production hall. They came straight from our partner from the Netherlands. About a month ago, we also managed to buy a new, third laser. We try to create a place that is self-sufficient so we do not have to delegate work to external companies.
testy odpieku w Magorex zestawy form z powłoką non stick zalety

Moulding Center

Although they had their debut some time ago, they are still popular among our clients. Pressed baking forms are one of those products that quickly turn out to be indispensable for running bakeries and confectioneries. What does distinguish them? Why did we decide to open the Moulding Center? The moulds produced from one piece of AluSteel are functional, durable and very easy to maintain. All these thanks to a well-thought-out structure and appropriately selected materials.

Rounded corners help keep it clean. At the same time, the baked goods are free from sharp edges that could cut through the packaging bags. Particularly noteworthy is the ribbing, which strengthens the sides and bottom of the bread.

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Advantages of pressed baking moulds from Magorex

Currently, twenty employees watch over the production process and order fulfilment in the Molding Center. See what else is the advantage of pressed baking forms.

  • Pressed forms do not deform, are much more resistant and have a longer life than their counterparts made of aluminium. 
  • They significantly shorten the baking time.
  • They cannot be harmed either by continuous heating and cooling during the baking process, or by exposure to high temperatures.
  • In the event of damage to their surface, the active ingredients of AluSteel automatically form a passive, protective anti-corrosion layer. Thanks to a special aluminium layer, the moulds are additionally protected against corrosion on both sides.
produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego i cukierniczego
peelboard garowanie chleba

Peelboard for proofing bread. New production line

Products for proofing bread hold an important place in our offer. We know very well how much depends on this stage of production. As traditional solutions very often turn out to be insufficient, we decided to enrich them with a few fixes and improvements. The result was a completely new Magorex bakery equipment: the bread proofing peelboard. Now that he has permanently entered our collection, we have dedicated another production line to him. It takes place in a separate, specially equipped plant.

Advantages of a peelboard for proofing bread

What are the strengths of a peelboard? For example – the welded aluminium frame and the innovative aluminium “honeycomb”. It is the tight inner mesh that keeps the tray rigid, flat and resistant to damage. Our peelboard:

  • has a special, double-sided surface;
  • enables proofing of any type of product, regardless of the weight;
  • it can be adapted to automated production lines;
  • has three types of corners to choose from – rounded (30 degrees), square (90 degrees) or truncated (45 degrees);
  • ABS synthetic material prevents sticking;
  • the absence of hard to remove marks and pieces of dough stuck to the peelboard makes cleaning and care much easier;
  • offers even greater control over the production process – it is possible to create larger amounts of dough at once, and you can also dispose of it freely.

You can learn more about its possibilities in the post → Easier proofing of dough with peelboard from Magorex

Are you looking for the perfect equipment for your bakery and confectionery? We will help you make a decision! All you need to do is contact our experts and order our catalogue to get to know Magorex confectionery equipment better.