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27 July 2021How does the perforation of the sheet improve the baking quality?

Perforated sheets remain at the forefront of Magorex solutions for bakeries and confectioneries for a reason. They guarantee the evenly toasted crust, premium aromatic delicacies and a more efficient production process. Do you want to know more about them? Find out how the perforation of the sheet improves the quality of baking.
blachy wypiekowe na zamówienie z jakich materiałów powstają

Sheet metal perforation – what are the benefits?

High-class materials will help you maintain full control over the production process. Tailor-made equipment is half the battle. That is why for over two decades, we have been enriching the Magorex offer with equipment and accessories that will meet your expectations. Especially with smaller businesses and large production plants in mind, we have created a rich collection of baking and confectionery sheets. Models with a perforated bottom are in the lead. What are their advantages, and why do we perform such a procedure? We advise how the perforation of the sheet improves the quality of baking.

  • Holes facilitate air circulation, thanks to which the heat reaches the central part of the sheet faster.
  • The baking time shortens by several per cent.
  • All products are evenly baked and of consistently high quality.
  • The problem of undercooking in the middle or overbaking on the edges of the sheet is finally gone.

Perforated sheets – what is worth remembering?

Do you wonder how to maximize the potential of sheets with a perforated bottom? Before you place an order, find out how to clean and use them to enjoy their possibilities longer. Also, adjust the size of the perforation and the type of coating to the nature of your baking. At Magorex, we produce every type of sheet metal, from solid (without holes), through other, custom-made, ending with models with standard perforation.


How to choose the size of the perforation?

  • Are you preparing your assortment from batter dough? Opt for the smaller, densely packed holes of 2mm. It will make sure that the heat penetrates quickly and evenly.
  • If your baked goods are from denser cakes, put the largest perforation – 5 mm.
  • Are you looking for universal solutions? We offer the most popular baking and confectionery trays with 3 mm openings.

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czyszczenie blach z perforowanym dnem
produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego blachy wypiekowe Magorex

Rules for the use of sheets with a perforated bottom

Do you already know how the perforation of the sheet improves the baking quality? If you want to keep your assortment in perfect condition, remember two basic rules.

  1. Set the trays as gently as possible. This way you will avoid the risk of distortion and damage. Also, never drop them or throw them on top of each other.
  2. Regularly clean the plates from carbon deposits. Why is it so important? Because even the smallest layer of contaminants that will remain on the bottom and clog the holes will effectively reduce the functionality of the equipment. The production time will increase, the quality of the products will deteriorate and the circulation of warm air will slow down. For the same reasons, avoid covering the surface of the baking tray with baking paper.

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Cleaning perforated baking sheets

Do you want to be sure that the cleaning will be effective? Use only proven, dedicated agents that will not damage the sheet metal and will easily remove even the most stubborn dirt. One of them is the biodegradable HAEM fluid, thanks to which you can clean from 16 to even 45 sheets in one go.

Do you want to see for yourself how the perforation of the sheet improves the quality of baking? Select the appropriate type of perforation and Non-Stick surface and follow the rules of safe use, cleaning and storage of metal sheets. Take a look at the Magorex catalogue and contact our sales department for more information.