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12 June 2020Hand disinfection dispenser – new in the Magorex offer

When creating our products, we always put the needs of our customers first. In the new reality, we try to provide solutions that not only improve the work of plants, but also ensure the safety of their employees. This is how the hand disinfection dispenser was created. It has just been added to our regular offer.

Fourth time is a charm

We started working on the device a few weeks ago.

In the initial version, we decided to combine our housing and components from other companies. The result, unfortunately, showed that the life of the device, and more specifically the pumping element, was not satisfactory for us. So we decided to create the device ourselves.
Urszula Górka
member of the board and manager at Magorex

In this process, several versions of the hand disinfection dispenser were created, each of which was thoroughly tested by robots for strength and durability. It was only the fourth time that we obtained results that met all our expectations. This fourth version has been put on sale.

Not only for bakers

Although the request for a hand disinfection dispenser came from our customers related to the bakery and confectionery industry, the product is intended for any plant where continuous hand disinfection is essential. The dispenser is adapted to frequent, daily use, as demonstrated by our automated tests.

The design and implementation of the dispenser was a response to our customers' queries. Due to the prevailing market situation, similar devices disappeared from stores quite quickly. We wanted to make sure that factories that need a similar solution can enjoy the best quality and durability of the device.
Urszula Górka
członek Zarządu i menedżer w firmie Magorex

Multifunctional dispenser for disinfecting Magorex

In addition to solid performance and high durability, the Magorex hand disinfection dispenser has two other important advantages:

  1. Its pump is suitable for pumping soap as well as hand sanitizer or other liquids. Not all dispensers are able to pull a disinfectant fluid due to its viscosity. Our device can be used for different types of liquids.
  2. The dispenser is delivered as a wall-mounting device or in a version with a stand, which does not require additional assembly and ensures full mobility of the dispenser.

Do you have questions about our universal hand sanitizer dispenser? Contact our office: +48 68 456 68