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24 February 2021HAEM cleaning detergent – find out the secret of its efficiency

Keeping the bakery or the confectionary clean is an important goal. How should you clean sheets and confectionary forms to carry the best hygiene standards? Get to know the secret of HAEM cleaning detergent’s efficiency!

The quality of sheets and confectionary forms vs cleaning and maintenance 

The key to keeping your production workplace clean is the equipment made of verified, approved material that will not get damaged or deformed during its intense usage. At Magorex, we make sure that the equipment is resistant to high temperatures and their sudden change. It’s substantial to be able to get rid of the dirt effectively.

The knowledge of the bakery and confectionary industry let us implement some complex and trusted solutions. We believe it will help you collect a proper set of sheets and confectionary forms. Magorex’s equipment is made of aluminium, stainless steel and aluminized steel Alusteel. If you have already decided to get the highest quality, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant products, make sure you have the dedicated cleaning detergent, which will keep your equipment in the best shape.

Why should you decide to buy the HAEM cleaning detergent?

Special bakery equipment cleaning detergents can be your best friend especially if you want to find a better and more efficient way of leading your business. It will also help you keep the hygiene of your workplace and the proper maintenance of the equipment. When seared sheets get covered with thick and hard to clean limescale and burned leftovers, we give up on little efficient and time-consuming solutions in favour of products and accessories that will grant you long-lasting benefits and let you simplify maintenance.

Do you want to eliminate waste and make the process more efficient? Choose between the universal sheet cleaning machine, produced particularly for the production environment, or the HAEM cleaning detergent. What kind of advantages does it have?

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HAEM cleaning detergent – effective and efficient

Modern bakeries and confectionaries that invest in rationalizing work methods decide to buy the HAEM cleaning detergent mainly because of the satisfying effects, which are especially visible if you compare them to the previous work and expenses. It does not destroy the sheets’ surface, and you can use it on steel, stainless steel and aluminium. HAEM might be used multiple times – you just need to remove the limescale that occurred during the last cleanings. 

It is also essential that HAEM, the cleaning detergent created to remove difficult dirt from sheets and confectionary forms, is biodegradable. Taking care of the environment is crucial for all conscious manufacturers. Choose products that will not create waste that will degrade for many years.

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profesjonalny środek do czyszczenia blach piekarniczych haem magorex
czyszczenie blach piekarniczych płyn haem

HAEM cleaning detergent – usage directions

HAEM cleaning detergent does not need to be diluted. It is available in canisters or 20 l, 30 l, 60 l, 200 l barrels. It should be poured into a tub dedicated to cleaning sheets and confectionary forms, then heated to 40 degrees Celius. Next, put sheets and confectionary forms into the tub and let them soak for a few hours. The length of the process depends on the level of smudge and the frequency of cleaning. After finishing the whole procedure, it is good to put sheets and confectionary forms into a special container to let the HAEM cleaning detergent flow from the surface. Next, use pressurized water to wash away the soaked carbon deposit. 

To clean bakery and confectionery trolleys, you should use HAEM cleaning gel, available in 1 l bottles. You put it on your equipment with a brush and leave it until it starts working. 

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