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17 October 2022Gastronomic racks

The transport of ready-made meals, drinks, dishes, and other necessary accessories cannot do without some improvements. Stainless steel gastronomic racks are the basic pieces of equipment that will increase the productivity of all operations. Where are they used? Which one is worth choosing?
zastosowanie wózków gastronomicznych

Gastronomic racks – application, possibilities

The largest kitchens, for example in hotels, resorts, hospitals, clinics or industrial plants, spend up to several hundred servings daily for their guests. Modern distribution systems increase food hygiene, efficiency and work safety. The food shipment process becomes much more efficient, the workload on the staff is reduced, and the temperature of the food remains constant at the required level.

However, if you want to make sure all processes go as planned, you should estimate the amount and type of equipment required. The key to the convenient and efficient transport of ready meals, dishes and accessories is the use of stainless steel gastronomic racks. We have a wide range of products that are easy to use, do not cause problems during cleaning or maintenance, and have a specially reinforced structure that guarantees their long-term use. Which of them is worth choosing? What are they characterized by?

Gastronomic racks – thermally insulated and built-up

Incorrectly selected equipment can cause several serious difficulties when dispensing meals. The low efficiency of each operation is a direct consequence of the low-quality or poorly ergonomic construction of gastronomic racks. Another obstacle is the temperature differences between the ready meals and the expected values. It happens when too much time passes between the preparation of a meal, and it is served directly to guests or patients. What to do to avoid this?

The most important thing is that food carts do not move too slowly, are manoeuvrable and have an optimally adjusted size. The materials and solutions used during production are also significant. They should guarantee trouble-free and satisfying work. Especially with these requirements in mind, we have introduced thermally insulated and built-in racks. Standard models are made of stainless steel, which has exceptional stainless properties and is resistant to damage. To make sure that the rack keeps heat efficiently, we also took care of an additional layer of insulation. For this purpose, all walls, including the door, are covered with 2 cm thick polystyrene. For the needs of our clients, we provide trolleys that differ in dimensions and the basic number of levels (13 or 15).

Racks for GN containers

Years of experience and modern infrastructure allow us to make various types of catering trolleys and gastronomic racks perfectly tailored to the customer’s size and expectations.

Special stainless steel trolleys, provided with five GN containers, have a notable place in our offer. In this case, their covers are fixed permanently. It facilitates transport, dispensing portions and subsequent storage of the equipment. On the other hand, the ergonomic shape of the edges allows for immediate washing of the remnants and thorough care. Gastronomy containers can also be purchased separately. They do not absorb odours, are safe and have excellent thermal insulation properties.

wózki na pojemniki GN
Magorex koła do wózków

Gastronomy racks – types, construction

What else might be useful? A special gastronomic rack for bowls offers versatile possibilities, which allows for stable and convenient transport or storage of any products. The set includes eight rectangular, polythene bowls with a capacity of 25 litres. They are used not only during the distribution of meals but also whenever we want to conveniently store or transport primary products. A great help in everyday work will also be a foldable waiter’s trolley made of stainless steel. The product is intended for self-assembly.

On request, we can make models with even the most non-standard dimensions. Other components, such as wheels for trolleys, can also be selected individually. We have sets of wheels with different functions, capacities, and dimensions. The option of stabilizing the trolley in any position is guaranteed by, among others, products equipped with a brake.

Do you want to choose a gastronomic rack that perfectly fits the needs of your restaurant? Contact our sales office and find out how you can personalize it.